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Started by Sandcrawler, September 07, 2010, 09:24:31 PM

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I will very soon be adding the Update page for the downloads section. This page will allow you to update most of the information that you submitted with the map. It will also let you Remove (completly, or with a redirect) for use when needed or desired. I just need to finish up the script, and I'll let you have it.

Next I am thinking of adding a Texture Gallery, you would be able to upload your own textures, for use in games. It would be required to be a multiple of 2 (so it will work with all Unreal Engine games) and there would be a warning about adding copyright textures (from existing texture sites, or games). I am thinking it would be your standard Image gallery, with thumbnails, then a larger view (with information) and then a download link for the full resolution.

What are your thoughts on a Texture Gallery? I think it could be useful, and I want the site to grow bigger so covering this would be the next step.
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