Out with the older and in with the newer

Started by Sandcrawler, November 19, 2010, 04:03:38 PM

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As I've mentioned before I'll be removing and redirecting portions of the old website and links, to the new website.

As of today most of the pages on the old site have been redirected to their corresponding new site, including the forums. The link to the old site has been removed from the front portal page.

The two sites that haven't been moved or redirect is the Sandcrawler Network (site with videos, and whatnot) I'm thinking of an update for the content, most likely it will be brought back under a new name. I think the site was important because it was more targeted towards gamers, rather than modders.

The other site in Anchorhead Brawl, its well underway although I haven't had time to finish it up lately.

That is where we stand now...
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