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Completed Maps / [RC] Starbase
August 22, 2013, 12:39:37 PM
as always with my creatively named maps, the title explains itself quite well. the map is a mixture of inspirations i took from mass effect as well as EVE online. it is a bit more civilian than i usually create, and is based primarily around the terminal areas of a starbase, where shuttles come in and passengers would be screened before entering the station.

as always, map is 32 player compatible
let me know what you guys think!

currently having trouble with the downloads section. until later, the map is here:

you can view screenshots here:
Completed Maps / [RC] Fleet Battle
March 20, 2013, 08:10:32 PM
as has been requested of me several times over the years, i finally decided to do a fleet battle map.
there are 6 ships (3 for each side), with teleporters to move you in between each of them

however, due to limitations with the RC engine, i was unable to put this map out as desired - the massive amount of movers creates network lag, therefore i had to create two versions of the map:

RP - the fully decorated version with movers and all, for the full role-playing experience (yet not good for combat - NOTE: there is a delay when joining a server before you can start chatting or see the scoreboard)
this means you get fighters, lasers, missiles, turrets, moving asteroids, debris, and ship flybys with just enough functionality to interact with other players

normal - minimal movers in the map for a smooth combat experience
this means you get ship flybys, lasers, turrets, and missiles only but with the ability to actually fight people without them lag-teleporting

obviously, two versions is not how i wanted to do this map...but you do what you can sometimes i guess. i had prepared all the movers before we client tested and i noticed the problem, but i still wanted everyone to see what this map was intended to be - even if they couldn't fight well

as always, let me know what you guys think

download and screenshots:
Completed Maps / [RC] DLHQ
February 07, 2013, 05:04:10 PM
this map is meant to serve as a "replacement" to my former DTS HQ map. for those who played that map back in the day, it was faily popular and has served as a great place for roleplay over the years. however, i grew disatisfied with some of the design features, and desired to re-create them, even if DTS itself is no longer around

in other words, this map serves as a sort of capital to the "empire" i have been creating with my maps. it has a focus on luxury, which hopefully is quite noticeable in the design. it also contains all the features of the former DTSHQ map, however, for those who knew DTSHQ, you may rejoice - this map DOES have working elevators  8)

screenshots and download here
if you want more screenshots, look here:
(note some screenshots are from early versions of the map)

feedback welcome!
these two maps are two different versions of the same city
the city design is WW2 inspired, but also has hints of futuristic elements (holograms, etc.)

Urban Warfare (CityD.ctm) is the day version, and takes place after an air raid. there are many military emplacements including gun nests, AA guns, barbed wire, etc. several buildings are half-destroyed, and there are many smoking craters in the ground

Calm Before the Storm (CityN.ctm), as the name implies, takes place the night before Urban Warfare, all the buildings are in tact

story wise, the map is meant to be a colony on a moon of a gas giant (the same gas giant that my map Aerial Defense Platform is on). because of its valuable beachhead location, rebels have raided the colony in order to later attack the defense platforms and bases on the gas giant, thereby securing its resources. defense forces are now locked in combat against the rebel terrorists, and have further reinforced their most valuable (and still standing) structures

these next 3 are from "Calm Before the Storm"

Urban Warfare:
Calm Before the Storm:

Note: i apologize for the 3 separate files, i had much difficulty in uploading the file with all 3 together, so i had to resort to this. at least this way, no one has to download both maps if they don't want to
Completed Maps / [RC] Aerial Defense Platform
November 08, 2011, 01:24:03 PM
another map to join my long line of military bases, this map takes place on a gas giant similar to (and inspired by) Bespin. lore wise, it is an outpost meant to function as an early warning defense platform, outfitted with AA weaponry and fighters for interception. it is one of many that function to support a larger base elsewhere on the planet.
there are several fighter flybys in the map to help add to the environment and realism as well

as far as the actual map goes, it is large, but because all paths meet in the same place it is fairly easy to find people upon testing the map. also, it is probably my most luxurious design so far, since that is fitting for an air force  8)
32 man compatible as always
central area looking up
central area
one of the 4 main halls
view of hangar (hangar doors can be opened and closed from the inside)
landed cargo shuttle on one of the outer landing pads
and finally, an overview of the base itself

the website here is not allowing me to upload it (keeps saying it has a file size of 0, even though i tried and .7z versions of the file)
therefore, i have uploaded it to filefront instead until this can be fixed:

as always, feedback is welcome and requested
Completed Maps / [RC] Shadowlands
August 21, 2011, 08:03:16 AM
name is pretty self explanatory, the map is the crash site of a troop transport ship in the middle of the shadowlands
also, im looking for ideas on how to make this map creepy and scary, this is meant to be everything that my malachor map was not (but was intended to be). so far i have signs of giant spiders and am also contemplating a dark side relic with trooper sacrifices and corrupted clones and fun stuff like that, but that part is just a consideration at this point (waiting to see if there are better ideas). therefore, please give any feedback and ideas that you might have

screenshots (from top left to bottom right) crash site, cave under the crashed ship, spider nest, one of the paths
just wondering if anyone had any experience with this:
i am working on a highly detailed terrain area, but am limited in detail by what a typical computer is able to handle, because obviously i would like to balance looks and performance as much as possible
therefore, i tried creating different zones on a terrain map, but when i zoned off one section, the terrain no longer appeared in the zone that the terrain did not originate from
i also tried placing a second zoneinfo in the zone that had terrain zone marked as true, but the terrain would still not appear
yet it seems like it would be possible to me, considering that the SP levels have different zones, but using the same terrain map
any ideas?
Completed Maps / [RC] Sub Base
January 16, 2011, 07:01:08 PM

another one of my very originally named maps  ;) this one takes place in an underwater naval base
the map is currently in its final stages and, to the satisfaction of everyone who keeps asking me for it, i plan on releasing a SP version of the map once the MP version is finished
due to the SP level, several of the areas on this map are damaged, as you will notice in the screenshots, but i won't give anything away about what i plan for that level. regardless, the damaged content helps to add a new aspect that i have not really implemented in many of my maps before, and provides a lot of cover as opposed to some of my other maps. in testing, it has been much easier to ambush and evade on this map than some of my others. another thing that i tried with this map to fix some of the problems of my others, is that this map is much more circular than linear. the paths are laid out in a circuit that runs through the whole map, with the control room being in the center of that circle, having its own connectors to different parts. basically, that is to say that this map, although still fairly large, has in testing been a lot easier to traverse and find people on than some of my others
anyways, here are the screenshots:
barracks area with a view of a navy trooper (sadly, these only serve as decor in the MP version, but in SP there will be scattered ones to attempt to help you)

biosphere area

control room (basically the center of the map, from which you can access any other area) this screenshot also gives you a good look at the underwater environment outside

sub dock (1 of 2)

mess hall (which due to the battle is quite literally a mess)

officer quarters

smaller dock area with troop transport ship (you can go inside the ship, and this room will be where you start off in SP)

torpedo storage room

as always, i am open and asking for suggestions and feedback, so please let me know what you think
Texturing / Night Camo
October 08, 2010, 08:19:39 PM
just finished working on this for a current RC project that i have planned after snowbase is finished, and thought i would let you guys take a look
let me know if anyone wants this skin

Completed Maps / [RC] snowbase
August 20, 2010, 12:16:32 PM
another addition to my collection of secret base/fortress things, but for this map, i decided to go with something a little more unique.
obviously, there is snow on this map, making it a very different environment
the theme of this one is mainly a vehicle depot kind of place, that supplies ATTEs to the military stationed on this particular planet
i've gone with a little more gritty feel than usual, and things are a little less comfortable looking than i usually make them, and there is also less stuff placed underground, so that on this map the terrain area will actually get used a little more lol
here is a screenshot of what is completed so far (probably like 70% finished or so)
Star Wars Republic Commando Chat / Moving Brushes
September 11, 2009, 05:37:19 PM
i was working in republic commando and apparently hit the wrong button so i was wondering how i could fix this:
usually, when i move brushes, they will kind of stay on a grid (that doesnt necessarily match up with the background one), but that is to say - they move in very small units, but you cannot move them at points in between those units unless you edit the properties of the brush to do so
what i have now, however, is allowing me to move the brush absolutely anywhere i might drag it to with the mouse, forcing me to zoom in to the max just to align pieces, and even then it is difficult to do

does anyone know how to reverse this?
Completed Maps / [RC] DM/TD Jai'galaar
May 19, 2008, 11:50:44 PM
so as the title says, im making another ship map
worked on it for a while around the beginning of this year, but have been on a long break recently as i went to galaxies and other stuff... but this map is 1/4 done, and already pretty big
basically, im trying to put more work and detail in this than ever before, as it is possibly my last map with me heading off to college after this last summer, but hopefully i will still find the time to continue things. also, because i am putting a lot of work into this, it is going to take a long time, so be prepared for a wait.
anyways, the map is a large ship to add to my fleet, which will later be joined by another ship parallel to it, which will be as though it were getting attacked, and i hope to add working boarding craft to take players over to that ship, and transports to fly between the hangars of the two as well.
thats the crowning feature of the map, the rest of the features are my usual things to let you play around in whatever role play stuff you may come up with, or, of course, simply fight on a very large map <!-- s:) -->:)<!-- s:) -->

here are a few screenshots:

inside a turret
Unreal Engine 2 General Modding Chat / "Plasma" Grenade
December 23, 2007, 06:19:03 PM
something i was experimenting with going to use it as a replacement to sonic detonators in my mod
if anyone wants to know how to do it just ask...

left to right: pretty sure 1st one is very beginning, 2nd one is very shortly after beginning, 3rd is the end, and 4th is the intermediate stage
Texturing / CamoTrooper
August 30, 2007, 05:32:03 PM
made this modified version of the darktrooper skin for a mod im making (similar to the sandcrawler mod)

it works very well on most maps, just hide in dark places, but its really good with plants :)
its one of 5 skins that you can choose from in the mod for R team, the rest are all black, but they have the rank coloring like in Ep2 or SWBF (i mixed it up a bit tho, like blue is general, yellow is commander, green captain, red sergeant)
Completed Maps / Imperial Naval Base
July 15, 2007, 04:54:21 PM
yet another map i decided to make, this one is a base in a jungle area at night
jungle has pretty high foliage, so it should be fun to play around in, then there is a bunker entrance that goes down into a room that will lead to some others (yeah i havent finished all my planning yet), but ive made a real cool reactor room (one of those great places for anyone who like heights) then theres going to be a sub dock in one area, ive made a custom static mesh for the sub, so u cant go inside, were i to try making an interior i would be begging for cuts from the pathetic editor, so yeah... anyways, bunker halls and stuff is meant to be more military feeling than some of my other underground base maps, cuz im trying to kinda create a endor shield bunker feel in a few areas. anyways, other features may be the usual stuff you have come to expect me to put in a map, and theres a higher place in the jungle area that can only be accessed by first going inside the base (like how missilebase works) up there will be sandbags and stuff to snipe the unlucky ppl below, and some gunships, or grievous' ship

here is a screen of the sub floating above the jungle (lol i havent made the dock area yet but i wanted to try the thing out so i just stuck it in the sky). below you can see one of the terrain probs im having: retarded dimly lit squares in random places- if anyone knows how to fix that crap plz tell me
Completed Maps / Star Cruiser
April 01, 2007, 08:00:54 PM
yet another addition to my never ending fleet of starships (im just a astronomy lover, get over it :P)

the fighters were custom made ones after stuff i found in warhammer 40000 (as if any of u know what that is) and they are fly overs
skydome is nice one with taris at front of ship and a star made by FLCL for me on the left of it
and im just curious: is anyone sick of my starship maps?
Completed Maps / space station
February 09, 2007, 10:13:56 PM
not much to say but that it will have all the usual stuff i put in maps plus a few extra things
inspiration comes from cairo station in halo 2 but im not trying to copy it, only taking a few ideas from there
screenshot of what is currently done of the map (about 40%)

also my new map place is here after stupid filefront lost most of my files but thats why theres these backup sites:
Maps in Progress / need help with a map
November 21, 2006, 03:09:11 PM
my editor is very retarded when making terrain, i have read and reread the tutorial and tried over 20 times but i cannot get past the build all before it crashes

so what i need if someone would be so kind as to help me with this is simply create the terrain, doesnt have to be edited, i should be able to make it once its created
i need terrain to be size of about double what DM_anchorhead was, snow texture
Completed Maps / DTS HQ fix
October 21, 2006, 01:51:59 PM
after seeing how popular DTS HQ was, i finally came around to doing this
its the same map as last time but now just runs a ton better
i tested on the laptop i mod on (which isnt as good as modern desktops) and had very little lag so for better comps i doubt there will be any at all now;6 ... einfo.html
Completed Maps / DM Dreadnought
October 20, 2006, 07:24:43 PM
and so the forum lurker presents you with another map he was working on and told almost no one
my ultimate starship map: ... einfo.html
engine room

turret room

cargo/garage/whatever u want to call it

one of the accessible turrets

bridge (whole bridge area is best part of map IMO and is based partly off a map of ISD bridge and surrouding areas)

genieƃŸen :)

easter egg is the same as missilebase for this map (modded weps) you may find them, but how to get there is another thing (dont ask)

//EDIT by DooFi: Corrected links, added img-tags and made bigger pics accessible ;)