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General / Re: Community
February 02, 2013, 08:17:06 PM
i still build maps and intend on continuing, but you are right that this community doesnt have much life anymore. however, i have seen some pretty lively modding on random places, usually associated with clans. i think TX and TAG are the big ones right now, but i really don't know because i havent been involved in the actual RC community, just the modding stuff. that is to say, anyways, that we modders are still out there, im just not sure where the best place to go is...keep it up though!
very nice. very nooby, but nice lol
the smoke grenade should have some nice applications. also, i believe there are a few effects that distort what is seen (or maybe they are just textures). did you ever try some kind of distortion grenade? would be great for a quick assassin style getaway or just a more advanced smoke grenade
also, feel free to use the plasma grenades in a launcher :)
well dang man, here my maps could have looked amazing all this time and it was so simple lol... i had seen that before, just didnt think it would actually work (i put the actual mirror special brush in once but nothing happened)
how did you do the reflections?
Maps in Progress / Re: [RC] a map im working on
October 06, 2012, 03:26:53 PM
of course i made a map like that why else do you think that exterior would catch my interest?  ;)
you should make a secret area or something to go out there
Maps in Progress / Re: [RC] a map im working on
October 04, 2012, 10:51:37 PM
looks good. you have a good eye for detail that i have always lacked. my designs are too simple, never know what to do with them, but this is very complex. what is that out the window btw? (3rd screen)
Maps in Progress / Re: a map im working on
September 29, 2012, 08:50:06 PM
looks good, glad to see someone is still mapping around here. it gets so lonely sometimes... lol
Maps in Progress / Re: [RC] Cliffside
June 01, 2012, 09:14:46 AM
never used blender myself so can't really help you, but there is a topic about that:
nice i like the DC15, always wanted one of those. lasers and flamethrower are pretty cool too
btw, did you ever try to make something that cloaks the clone trooper? that would be a cool addon if possible
thanks, it was all made. the only thing that isnt mine is most of the textures... the destroyed buildings are actually very simple, you just build a building out of the cube brushes, then subtract a whole bunch of spherical brushes into them. the craters are just terrain mapping
these two maps are two different versions of the same city
the city design is WW2 inspired, but also has hints of futuristic elements (holograms, etc.)

Urban Warfare (CityD.ctm) is the day version, and takes place after an air raid. there are many military emplacements including gun nests, AA guns, barbed wire, etc. several buildings are half-destroyed, and there are many smoking craters in the ground

Calm Before the Storm (CityN.ctm), as the name implies, takes place the night before Urban Warfare, all the buildings are in tact

story wise, the map is meant to be a colony on a moon of a gas giant (the same gas giant that my map Aerial Defense Platform is on). because of its valuable beachhead location, rebels have raided the colony in order to later attack the defense platforms and bases on the gas giant, thereby securing its resources. defense forces are now locked in combat against the rebel terrorists, and have further reinforced their most valuable (and still standing) structures

these next 3 are from "Calm Before the Storm"

Urban Warfare:
Calm Before the Storm:

Note: i apologize for the 3 separate files, i had much difficulty in uploading the file with all 3 together, so i had to resort to this. at least this way, no one has to download both maps if they don't want to
News and Announcements / Re: Help Stop SOPA
January 15, 2012, 07:00:19 PM
not pride, it's just im saying that, even with it being on a euro server, i doubt we as americans could get away with it. if we were from europe then we probably could

things have been getting worse, both liberal and conservative...i want nothing more than to vote out every single person currently in politics and put some new people in there. corruption affects them all, and it's a bad idea to let our senators stay in there for life, but that's all i'll say about that right now lol
News and Announcements / Re: Help Stop SOPA
January 15, 2012, 10:57:51 AM
no way man, i always hoped it would be the government that would put an end to my modding...

i doubt transferring to a euro server would work either, our government is turning very socialist these days and the fact that we are amerians would get us in trouble i'm sure
Star Wars Republic Commando Chat / Re: JB MAPPACK 1
November 10, 2011, 03:00:30 PM
what community do you keep finding these maps in? i get worried about the activity here but obviously these people are still out there and these maps are pretty good quality  8)
Completed Maps / [RC] Aerial Defense Platform
November 08, 2011, 01:24:03 PM
another map to join my long line of military bases, this map takes place on a gas giant similar to (and inspired by) Bespin. lore wise, it is an outpost meant to function as an early warning defense platform, outfitted with AA weaponry and fighters for interception. it is one of many that function to support a larger base elsewhere on the planet.
there are several fighter flybys in the map to help add to the environment and realism as well

as far as the actual map goes, it is large, but because all paths meet in the same place it is fairly easy to find people upon testing the map. also, it is probably my most luxurious design so far, since that is fitting for an air force  8)
32 man compatible as always
central area looking up
central area
one of the 4 main halls
view of hangar (hangar doors can be opened and closed from the inside)
landed cargo shuttle on one of the outer landing pads
and finally, an overview of the base itself

the website here is not allowing me to upload it (keeps saying it has a file size of 0, even though i tried and .7z versions of the file)
therefore, i have uploaded it to filefront instead until this can be fixed:

as always, feedback is welcome and requested