Who's on my side?

Started by kevinhuynh9, March 26, 2012, 04:34:37 PM

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I make a new map and add in clones and droids... but I don't know what to do to  set in the sides they're in! they all just start attacking me and each other! what do I do to set in their factions? a step-by-step tutorial is appreciated, thx  :)


Very simple solution, I believe. I will hazard a guess and say that you are opening your map with the command "open mapname". That is the command for opening a map in MP. In MP, AI characters don't pay attention to what team they're on. They only do that in SP. To open a map in SP, use the command "start mapname". You will start as 1138 with a dc17 with 300 rounds, and maybe a pistol. I forget. Hope this helps!

EDIT: If you really wanted this map in MP, go to each pawn's properties, and in the Hidden tab, set bValidEnemy to false. That will make each AI invisible in the eyes of his fellow AIs.

I just do this to show off my brother's photoshop skillz :D