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Republic Commando Font
« on: November 05, 2012, 04:55:13 PM »
So... For years I've been looking for the in-game Republic Commando font (the one used for menus, objectives, number of grenades, chat, names of squadmates and players etc.).

Who's been browsing through UnrealEd's texture folders may have found the texture named OrbitBold24_PageA already, which is the first picture.
The name suggests that it's based off a font named Orbit Bold, and guess what, it is.
I found this out a few years ago already, and the Orbit Bold font was up for sale at, a site selling fonts. Unfortunately, they wanted $50 for the font or $100 for the font "family", which included the Light, Medium, Bold and Stencil version from Orbit, which was slightly out of my price range.

However, I always liked the font. no longer exists and the site you'll be redirected to,, no longer sells the font.

Therefore I don't feel bad for announcing I've recreated the font using the High Logic Font Creator evaluation version, an old PDF-file announcing the and giving examples of the Orbit fonts and the UnrealEd texture for reference.
Cost me a few hours, but it's pretty complete.

Here you go, have fun :D