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Killing Floor
Four Clans Participating
Sixteen Ranked Players

Frontlines: Fuel of War
Eight Clans Participating
Thirty-two Ranked Players

Winners will be selected at random from the qualified players for Anchorhead Brawl: Conquest Week.

To Qualify as a players:
1. You must be a Ranked player
2. You must have your Steam Account Name information filled out on this site.
3. The above conditions must be met.

1. In the event of you being selected to receive one of the prizes you will have thirty days to claim it.
2. In the event of an unclaimed prize it will be passed off to a runner up who will remain unnamed unless needed.
3. We reserve the right to change the Conditions, Qualification, and Terms at any time for any reason.

Good Luck, and remember to have fun first and foremost.
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