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You will need to login about three times for your password conversion to be completed, this is normal, and there is nothing I can do to improve it.

Othwise you'll notice everythign from the old forums is now here, for now it will just be these forums, I'm tired of phpbb breaking down and all around unsatified with it. So now we are using Simple Machine Forums. They are easier to sue for everyone.

Soon the website will be converted to work on here as well.

All's well indeed with SMF. phpbb had a good run for sure.

are there other themes because this is ugly as hell

And why are everyone "Newbie"?  :o Even sandcrawler is. lol  ;D

its not so bad its just nu and diffrnt its more brite the old site was kool but a bit dark maybe it scared sum ppl i dunno 8)


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