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I added more titles, and might change them again later.

As for Themes what I'm thinking of doing is just having you guys find whatever theme you want, customize it with a banner/logo if you want and I'll add it to the forums. That way if you guys want a bright cotton candy pink theme you can have it :P

The forums are going to be different this time. The website is going to sit on its own domain/subdomain and the forums will be either or (not up yet)

The SMF theme site is:

Make sure its compatable with SMF 2.0 RC3 (or at least 2.0)

I will do a little bit on the themes if you guys link to them (I'll put a logo in and activate them)

Can I haz a Fosters Bikini Team as my theme  ;D

I have a newbie question :(
How do you create a new topic?
Because i was searching on this page but i dont see anything about it. sorry for my ignorance :'(

just as u have done u hve a subject and a message

I didnt understand but never mind because i already have one


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