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This website, and All Around Games (http://allaroundgames.net) will be participating in the SOPA Blackout on January 18th.

On the 18th you will be unable to reach this website, instead you will be redirected to a website containing information about how you can help stop SOPA.

If SOPA passes this website will undoubtedly be taken down, due to the very nature of the names, and the images on the website.  Forums will also disappear at a rapid pace if SOPA is passed, SOPA makes the owner of the website responsible for all content on the website, including forum posts. Meaning if someone even post an image of Spiderman on the forums, or uses it in a signature the website would not only be blocked, but I could be charged.

SOPA present a big problem for the Sandcrawler Network websites, because there is a lot of information that is user uploaded. So help stop it if you want this website to continue.

PS: PIPA is almost the same as SOPA, and also has to be stopped.

PSS. I don't normally get involved in politics, but this effect the internet, something that we should all care greatly about.

More and better information:

This sounds terrible sandcrawler. Often i notice this restrictive conservative attitude in american society "land of the free" apparently. This is just advariance to that concept. Looks to me like " the man" has already decided on this and its just going thru the machinations for show now,like most american politics ,just to make you hope . Transfer sandcrawler to a euro forum where truly it is more ,in reality the " land of free"..

Dark Lord:
no way man, i always hoped it would be the government that would put an end to my modding...

i doubt transferring to a euro server would work either, our government is turning very socialist these days and the fact that we are amerians would get us in trouble i'm sure

I think its big bizness not govt really in this case thats pulling the strings from behind the scenes. :'(
euro is already more socialist than you imagine and we dont have these kind of restrictive practises in place in fact we have freedom of information. Illegal and legal hehe  8)
It would be a shame to see this happen. Usa just seems in recent years to be getiing worse for ppls personal freedoms like big brother in disguise as more and more your personal liberties are eroded . It will get worse as far as i can see... :'(
PS HOW do you know transferring the sandcrawler forum to a euro server would be worse or the same than what seems to be in progress in usa. i very much think it would be better,,
It is an option to be considered.. why go down on the ship for pride and drown.. :)

Dark Lord:
not pride, it's just im saying that, even with it being on a euro server, i doubt we as americans could get away with it. if we were from europe then we probably could

things have been getting worse, both liberal and conservative...i want nothing more than to vote out every single person currently in politics and put some new people in there. corruption affects them all, and it's a bad idea to let our senators stay in there for life, but that's all i'll say about that right now lol


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