Fully Operational, Once again

Started by Sandcrawler, April 23, 2013, 06:27:29 PM

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The Unreal Modders Haven is Once again fully Operational. Get back to using the tutorials and downloading our maps.

For anyone that knows a bit of php, when I wrote this website php5 wasn't around, so I used the current mysql library. Where as with php5 now you should be using mysqli (i for improved) or the other database library. Basically I had to go in and change the database queries over to the new way.

First I had to learn the new one, and come to terms with its quirks, then it went even faster than I expected.

If anyone gets an error message on a page you should reply to this post, and I'll fix it.
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Tnaks for your tireless work on maintaining forum for years  for community sandcrawler   :)