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General / C and C 3 - Tiberium Wars Demo
« on: March 06, 2007, 10:16:57 PM »
For anyone who got into the C+C series of old the latest offering is coming out this month.

I'm just downloading the demo (1.2gb) and will put it through its paces. I first played this in 2D and loved it a lot. I then tried the 3D version and loved that as well. It was out the same time as Halo and these were the two biggies of that era. hehe

Here's a linky to the download. ... 5#NewsMain

Single Player Level Design / AI_GarrisonLite - FINAL
« on: March 04, 2007, 08:29:46 AM »
This map is now complete and was added to a 3 Map Pack called 'The Apprentice Missions'

Garrison Lite is the Bacta Map version of Garrison. It has wider spaces than the retail version and is very suitable for AI. There are a few architectural changes to make the player follow a more demanding route and get stuck in the action.

This will be a noticably more difficult map than the AI_Infiltrated.

We start off leaving AI_Infiltrated and joining AI_GarrisonLite.

After some light combat through the first passageway we are confronted with a heavy defense leading into the first courtyard. We are talking barrage here. :)

A tactical decision helps you pick off some AI from a distance although there are others waiting for you once you venture into the open area.

Go into the base at the far end, up the slopes and out onto the catwalk. You can't use the traditional route as it's destroyed. You need to take the long route.

After a little more light fighting through another passageway you hit the central area. The heavies are waiting here and the mini me's are not an easy target.

Lots of doors are blocked off to make a linear route and it's coming along nicely.

Star Wars Republic Commando Chat / AI Mapping
« on: March 03, 2007, 08:24:36 PM »
Is it possible to change the Coop area to AI Mapping or add a seperate area for SP mapping?

Modeling / .ASE importing high poly test - Tie Interceptor
« on: March 01, 2007, 11:26:59 AM »
I pushed UE to the limits getting this model in game. I had the split the model in 2 parts with a wing and body SM. It wouldn't import as one and I'm not surprised when considering the poly count.

I could only add one light as any extra would require blending and that would cause a crash. The detail looks nice even if the texture isn't up to much. That didn't import with the model and the maker didn't add the individual textures. It would have been too much work to split the model and texture each part anyway.

File Size for this one box containing the model is 14.5mb

Unreal Engine 2 General Modding Chat / Sequential Spawning Tutorial
« on: March 01, 2007, 09:05:49 AM »
Here's a sequential spawning tut for SP and MP type maps. It will allow you to turn your spawn points on and off so they can be used/not used at will.

In SP sequential spawning helps shorted the journey. If you die far into the level it may be a long run back to that point again. By turning off the first spawn point and turning on a spawn point further into the level after you pass it you'll shorten that run time and get a sense of progress.

In MP this can also be used to shorten the distance to a certain point as well as make some crazy random spawning areas both in safe and enemy territory.

This tut focuses on the use of spawn points for SP. In this tut we will only use 2 spawn points.

1. Open your map and select 2 points where you want to spawn from. Place a TriggerPlayerStart Object at each location.
2. The Properties of the starting spawn point will remain as they are. For the spawn point located further in the level you'll need to set Properties > PlayerStart > bEnabled to False. This switches it off and you will not be able to spawn here.
3. Place 2 Triggers (Actor > Triggers > *Trigger) next to the second spawn point that's placed further into the level. Resize their collisions boundaries so that the player will pass through them and activate the Trigger.
4. In one Trigger go to Properties > Events and type the name of one of your TriggerPlayerStart's Tag names. The Tag name in my initial spawn point is TriggeredPlayerStart. I type this into the Event area of my Trigger.
5. In the other Trigger repeat the process using the other TriggerPlayerStart's Tag name. My other spawn point has a Tag name of TriggeredPlayerStart1. I type this into the other Trigger Event area.
6. Build and Save.

The Unreal Engine has already coded a script into the TriggerPlayerStart Objects that reverses their bEnabled setting should a Trigger activate them using the Tag/Event process. Once I step into the collison area of these Triggers (make sure they have all default Properties set like TT_PlayerProximity, bTriggerOnceOnly = True, NormalTrigger) they will reverse their bEnabled Settings. The first spawn point turns to False (Off) and the second turns on True (On).

No more running along empty corridors without being far from the battle zone.

Here are a couple of images testing that everything works as it should.

This is the beginning area with the bEnabled = True TriggerPlayerStart spawn point. Multiple suicides and still only spawning at this point.

After reaching the Triggers' collsion boundary the script to reverse the bEnabled setting is activated. I go through the suicide procedure some more and only spawn at this point.

For more spawn points further into the map repeat the Trigger process to Disable the TriggerPlayerStart behind you and Enable the one you reach.

Modeling / .ASE importing low poly test - Battle Buggy
« on: February 28, 2007, 09:43:44 PM »
I tried importing a low poly .ase file from XSI using the unreal add on. The 'battle buggy' I imported didn't have a texture so I just used a stock texture.

It imported all buggy and there's some parts lacking and it needs a good skin job and collision. I'll play aroundwith XSI and read up more on models for UE and see what I can come up with.

Properties Editing / Changing Pawn's Weapons at Map Properties Level
« on: February 28, 2007, 08:22:51 PM »
Here's a short tutorial for the website on changing a Pawn's Weapon for SP type Maps. It's useful as it doesn't require any changes to the default properties and only need changes to map level properties which are stored in the map and doesn't require a mod download.

It's possible to change a Pawn's default weapon set by manually editing its equiptment list.

1. Open your map, add a Pawn and go to Properties > Pawn > RequiredEquipment. Expand the list  and you'll see a list of weapons they are supplied with.
2.Change or add an additional weapon type to one you prefer, e.g.

a Trandoshan Mercenary is supplied with an SMG which is called CTInventory.SMG and thermal detonators called CTInventory.ThermalDetonatorEnemy.

If you change the SMG listing to CTInventory.DroneSpit then he'll throw Acid at you.

A few more examples of weapons are:

Trando Weapons

CTInventory.DC17mSniper or Properties.DC17mSniperCommando

To find the name of weapons to add to the RequiredEquipment.

1. Add any weapon to your map.
2. Look under Properties > Pickup > InventoryType
3. Move down the drop down menu and find a weapon you like.
4. Copy the Class name to your Pawn's RequiredEquipment area. If you want a BowCaster then the Class name is Class'CTInventory.Bowcaster' All you need to add to the RequiredEquipment area is CTInventory.Bowcaster
5. Build All, Save and test it out.

There are a number of duplicate weapons for SP and MP which may come with different ammo loads. Find which are suitable for your map.

Yoda has a Conc but he's not scripted for game play and is happy to just stand on guard.

Clone just wants to throw acid at you.

Bot is the best though with his Rocket Launcher.

I've been testing AI online and had some disappointing results when joining.

First I set up a dedicated stand alone server. The server will boot up, show in the server list and I could join.

However, the AI are not responding well at all to being online. It feels like the AI haven't been considered in the Netcoding and the server and client are not synchronising.

The AI are aware of my presence but everything's very delayed, staggered, and not as it should be.

For example:

These guys know that I just came into their area but are very delayed in responding to my new position. I can stand here a long time with them just staring into space. Not suitable for online play.

This guy spat at me but he didn't really have to work for it as I approached him and just waited.

And Hack Attack just staggered around doing the drunken monkey.

After a few minutes the client application locks up and the game crashes. However, the server continues running without issue.

I also tested a client server and LAN server and got the same results. I tried a LAN with the map cached to the engine rather than MPGame.TDGame but it was still not working.

I added extra SP type packages to the system.ini for the server to use and set everything I could find to allow online play for AI to no avail.

It still looks like a synchronisation problem that I don't know how to resolve. SWRC only requires AI to be used in SP and the developers had no reason to add AI support for MP.

Playing an MP cached map on your own is fine though.

Modders can either:

1. Make a map for an SP launch (~ START MAPNAME) and add responsive Commandos that follow your commands, Bactapoints and all SP content.

2. Make a map for an MP launch (able to add map to MP maplist or use ~ OPEN MAPNAME) but will not have the SP content or Commandos.

I didn't have success with a COOP type server online but I hope other modders will still attempt to resolve the issue. If you want help testing your ideas let me know.

Single Player Level Design / AI_Infiltrated - FINAL
« on: February 26, 2007, 06:36:35 PM »
This map is now complete and was added to a 3 Map Pack called 'The Apprentice Missions'

I'm converting DM_Infiltrated to an SP map that will be played as an MP map and am testing out the AI. You'll be on your own in this map and as it's designed to be played in MP mode you'll have all the MP moves that SP doesn't have. However, your Squad won't be tagging along as they won't follow commands in MP mode. If it plays well and people want a Squad version to play in SP mode then they/I can always add the guys back in.

Clone with Trando SMG

Hack Attack on its way

Completed Maps / DM_Domination - FINAL
« on: February 25, 2007, 10:00:26 AM »
I've been playing a fair amount of Doom Coop recently and like the look and feel of the glowing rocks   contrasting with the darker backdrop in one of the maps and will port something similar for RC.

RC lights look great and I'll bring over the glowing Rock texture in later builds that give the floor a real scorched look.

Completed Maps / DM_Infiltrated - FINAL
« on: February 16, 2007, 06:37:27 AM »
DM_Infiltrated is final and ready to download here. ... einfo.html


Hey all.

I spent last year using the Monolith Editor and had a real blast modding FEAR. The AI work very well online and we've had quite the COOP fest.

For this year I'm looking to get back into Unreal Editing and also dabble with BF2142 mapping when that editor is released.

A lot of game developers are switching away from old game engines and licensing the UE due to its ease of programming and award winning features. To ensure the transition to Unreal Engine 3 Editing is a smooth one I'm going to brush up with the RC mapping. I haven't touched UE for over a year so it'll take some time to get back into it all but to start with I'll make a map for the Ecliptical Realms Bacta events.

This one is called Squizzle for the moment and will be split into 3 distinct zones - a Rep, Trando and a neutral area. There'll be plenty of routes linking to clash points and it'll use lighter weapon pickups to reflect what the ER gamers prefer.

Here's a few screenies of the main base area for Trandos.

The ramp leading out of the main room is a flat additive brush. The mesh type texture will allow you to see underneath so I'll light it up a little to give it some atmosphere.

These teeth are far too rusted to chop down on you...I hope.

A little defensive cover for base attacks.

General / Taking Screenshots using the ingame Camera
« on: November 06, 2006, 09:37:49 AM »
For SWRC we always assumed we could only get one screenshot using the Print Screen Function. This has been a real pain in the past with screenshots getting lost, Fraps slowing down the system or Xfire allowing people to gain access to your server during competition even on LAN.

Here's a solution that is simple and something we overlooked simply because the default was a set Windows function that would over ride the game function. A bit of an error on the developers side but not to worry.

When you are in SWRC go to your Options > Controls > Next Screen and set your screenshots key to F8 (or something else that's not being used). If you use the default SysRq-Print Screen key it will only allow one shot and not save it as the developers may have intended.

When you hit F8 key you will notice a slight pause as a picture is taken. This picture will be stored here as a bmp image.

C:Program FilesLucasArtsStar Wars Republic CommandoGameDataSystem

You can take unlimited pictures this way and they'll be named 00000 > 00001 > 00002 etc.

General / Greetings
« on: May 29, 2006, 06:46:56 AM »
Hello to all RC modders and gamers. It's good to see the community still alive and active. I hope this forum will be a great asset to the RC community.

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