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Republic Commando / sandcrawlers in your pants VS Madballs in...Asia
« on: January 03, 2010, 04:39:22 AM »
Thanks for the opening game Iva Bin Drinkun of the clan 'sandcrawlers in your pants'. It was the first time we'd played SWRC in a loooong time so it took a while to get back into things.

We played a couple of matches to open the tourney and took one win a piece (10-7 | 8-10) although for a large chunk of it, I felt like frags were as much about luck as skill. We played in Wizard and ran around in circles until we eventually clashed typically in the dark and scary spots.

My memorable moment of the game was getting in a nice mellee frag when my opponent was picking up a shotgun and my worst moment was thinking how much I was going to shotgun my opponent close up in the face but forgetting I had to reach the face before dropping from a stream of beam multiple times. All cool though.


1) After a game has finished take a screenshot of the result. In your game options, set F1 as 'show scores' and F2 as 'take a screenshot'.

Iva's score may look odd as he went into spec mode by mistake before returning to the battle.  :mrgreen:

For an OS like XP, screenshots are stored in your:

C:Program FilesSteamsteamappscommonstar wars republic commandoGameDataSystem

C:Program FilesLucasArtsStar Wars Republic CommandoGameDataSystem

They will be stored at .bmp format files and be given a numerical number such as 00001, 00002.

You can also use a third party application like Xfire to take screenshots as well.

2) Go to the tournament page and select the 'Report a Match' link or 'Report Match' image.

3) On the next page, select the versus player count.

4) Select the location for your match screenshot and enter the match results.

5) Then hit the Upload button followed by the Report button.

6) You will be presented with a confirmation message.

Announcements / Star Wars Mod: Galactic Warfare Beta
« on: December 26, 2009, 03:41:31 PM »
If you have a copy of COD 4 then check out this Star Wars total conversion mod.

From the developers of the Star Wars Mod: Galactic Warfare Mod.

After eleven months of modding, mapping, scripting and skinning it’s basically done! On time with Christmas we are happy to present our Beta 0.4 of Star Wars Mod: Galactic Warfare. ... ic-warfare

Star Wars Republic Commando Team Death Match


1. Registration

a) All Players MUST be registered at this website for Anchorhead Brawl: in order to participate in Republic Commando events.

b) All players MUST sign up with their respected clans and appear on their roster on this website.

c) All players MUST assign their Steam Login Name (not nickname) to their username at this website.

d) Players who wish to compete must individually sign up for the event.

2. Setup and Coordination of Matches

a) During match setup, when maps, hosts, number of matches, in game species, and competing sides are chosen, players on each team should be announced to help enforce that all players in the match are signed up at Anchorhead Fight Week and are active on a clan.

b) Match Setup and Coordination must be done in:


c) Clan and player membership should be verified prior to each battle event.

d) Players must agree on maps, numbers of battles and players before battle starts and host launches game. If this agreement is made in the Chatroom then it must be saved by members of both clans and shown in cases of dispute.

e) Each team will host one map and then pass hosting to the opposing team, unless agreed otherwise prior to the start of the battle.

f) Players per game can range from 1 verses 1 up to 8 verses 8. No games hosting uneven sides will be permitted/authorized or reported.

g) Host asks if all players are ready to begin. Upon receiving an affirmative answer from all players the host resets the level using a console command. The command is executed as follows:

The host pushes the ~ key to bring up the ingame console and types SWITCHLEVEL (mapname) to restart or change the map. Once the map loads the game begins.
(If any clans have difficulty following this rule then please contact the Republic Commando moderator)

h) Each map result will be reported as an individual game played.

i) Host is responsible for taking screenshot of scores and registering results for both teams (sides). All players are encouraged to take their own screenshot of the results of the battle. Star Wars Republic Commando allows screenshots to be taken but you need to reassign the default key away from 'Print Screen' to ensure it's captured. Screenshots will be stored in the System folder.

j) Host will report battle results of games played, unless agreed otherwise prior to the start of the battle. Results of games are to be reported at:

k) If a player disconnects from the game, it will be the player's responsibility to reconnect to the game as fast as possible. Even though all points are lost when disconnects occur; players returning will contribute to their team score. If the player does not return this person will still be recorded when game results are submitted, with all zeros (0s). Unless the Host Game Crashes, game will continue to the end.

3. Host Setup and Configuration

Hosting will require a good connection to ensure stability. Please take this into account when selecting a host for your club.

Select Maps Page
1. Gametype: Team DeathMatch
2. Server Name: Anchorhead Brawl (club tag vs club tag) Note: Republic Commando has known server browser issues and games can also be entered via direct i.p.
3. Selected Maps: As agreed during match setup.

Game Settings Page
1. Time Limit: None
2. Score Limit: 1vs1 = 10 / 2vs2 = 20 / 3vs3 = 30 / 4vs4 = 40 / 5vs5 = 50 / 6vs6 = 75 / 7vs7 = 75 / 8vs8 = 75.
For stand alone dedicated servers running from a server.ini type file we can be more flexible and set multiples of 10 for all players counts.
3. Max Players: 16 (max)
4. Friendly Fire: On 100%
5. Game Speed: 100%
6. Respawn Delay: 3
7. Autobalance Teams: Off

Play fair, be friendly, and have fun.

Announcements / Steam Holiday Sale
« on: December 23, 2009, 05:04:15 AM »

The Steam Holiday Sale has begun with multiple titles being offered with up to 80$ OFF.

If you ever thought about getting SWRC on Steam then at $4.99 now's as good a time as any.

If you fancy some manic FPS mayhem with Madballs then you can pick up Madballs in...Babo:Invasion, also for $4.99

And the daily specials get even better. If you haven't played S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl yet then now's your chance. It's going for a stagerring $1.99

For something more up to date, L4D2 is going for $37.49 and Borderlands $33.49.

Lots of good opportunities to be had this week.


1) Register as a user at the Sandcrawler Network and login.

2) Go to the Clans page:
and select your clan from the list. If your clan isn't listed then you'll have to ask your clan leader to register first.

3) Once you've selected your clan and the clan page appears select the 'Register' tab. You will be presented with a text box where you enter your clan password. Once entered select the join tab.

4) If you entered the correct password your membership will be confirmed and you'll be prompted to visit your clan page. Either select the prompt or select 'Your Clan'.

5) In your clan page you'll be presented with a summary of your clan's details. This will include profile, performance, and membership.


1) If you ever want to leave your clan then simply select the 'Leave' prompt from within 'Your Clan' page and confirm your intention on the following confirmation page. You will then be able to join a new clan or even create your own.


1) Register as a user at the Sandcrawler Network and login.

2) Go to the Clans page:
and select 'Create a Clan'

3) Fill in the requested fields:
Name: (The full name of your clan)
Initials: (An abbreviated form of your clan name)
Website URL: (The website address for your clan)
Clan Password: (This password allows other clan members to automatically join your clan)

Check the checkbox for the games your clan supports and add some detail to the description box that best describes your clan.


1) Select the 'Browse' tab and you will see your clan amongst the list. Here you can check the status of all registered clans.

2) Select 'Your Clan' and you'll be presented with a summary of your clan's details. This will include profile, performance, and membership.

3) Select 'Manage Clan' and you'll be presented with numerous management options. Here you can edit clan details, remove members from the roster, hand clan leadership to another member, and even create groups within the clan.

General / Babo: Invasion
« on: December 12, 2009, 10:12:20 AM »
If you enjoy your FPS then here's a recommendation for a simple yet addictively fun little shooter. Babo: Invasion.

It's a Steam game made by an Indie developer and has received some interesting reviews and high ratings:

...Madballs in...Babo: Invasion is both a pleasing nostalgia trip and a surprisingly deep arcade shooter. — Computer & – 8/10

There is a lot to like about this game. — Kotaku

8.3/10 — Gamefocus
4.5/5 — Co-Optimus
4/5 — GamePro
8.3/10 — Gameshark
8.5/10 — Gamers Daily News

I bought the game for $2 (reduced from the regular $10) in a recent Steam one day sale and got my bargain of the decade. Even at regular price it's a bargain. I recommend you give the demo a taster to see what it's all about.

I hope there's a sale again soon. I'll make sure to keep everyone notified. I'm hoping there'll be an SDK out soon so that we can mod some maps and get some Star Wars characters in there.

This game has just started supporting clans and registers your clan's performance in a ranking. These are some games I've played in. If you have the game and have join the Sandcrawler Network Steam Community group then get some games in and let's keep the Network in the top 10.

A UK based gaming magazine (PC Gamer) has bundled the Killing Floor Vehicles Mod onto their monthly freebie DVD and put a small summary of the content in their magazine. Nice to see TheBlackCheetah's KF Mod has been noticed for the fun it is. I got a little write up too for a default map I converted for the mod. It wasn't really necessary to put it in the magazine but all the same I hope it has the effect of bringing over more gamers and modders to KF.

Posted on the Tripwire forum by [TW]Wilsonam

We are pleased to announce the “Level Up” Free Content pack for Killing Floor. This massive new content pack will be our largest free content pack to date and will be available October 22nd for anyone that owns Killing Floor. To celebrate and to allow as many people as possible to try it out, we will also be running a free weekend on Steam from Thursday October 22nd through Sunday October 25th. Full details on the pack will be available in a detailed preview article on IGN on Tuesday October 20th, so watch for that one. Keep watching the website for more details!

Here is a link to IGN.

And a link to the Killing Floor page.

Some of the updates appear to be as follows:

New Level 6 Tier
New Zombie Character
7 New Weapons
3 New Default Maps

A few images are floating around in the original announcement post. ... hp?t=36964

General / COD4 - Star Wars Mod - Galactic Warfare
« on: October 16, 2009, 10:53:23 PM »
COD4 - Star Wars Mod - Galactic Warfare is as the name suggests a community made Star Wars mod utilising the COD4 game engine. Apart from bringing over the fantastic gameplay and physics from COD4, this mod is being built from the ground up.

Take a little looky at the ingame video and screenshots on the mod's moddb page. ... ic-warfare

Unreal Engine 2 General Modding Chat / KF Doom Mod
« on: October 16, 2009, 09:00:11 PM »
Tripwire user Marco has been quietly constructing a Doom 1 and 2 Mod and released an initial pack for the community to enjoy.

The thread, instructions, and download links can be found here.

A few images to give you an idea of how it looks and feels in game.

There are a few bugs to resolve. namely; targetting and server stability. There are also a few other features that would make it a better experience like respawn without having to leave the server but it's looking and playing well.

Texturing / KF Republic Commando
« on: October 10, 2009, 07:50:36 AM »
Not content with just Killing Floor Troopers, a few experienced Republic Commandos have been drafted in to lend a hand and help clean up the Zombie Horde.

Texturing / Killing Floor Republic Commando
« on: October 10, 2009, 07:49:47 AM »
Not content with just Killing Floor Troopers, a few experienced Republic Commandos have been drafted in to lend a hand and help clean up the Zombie Horde.

Completed Maps / KF-CarryOnUp / KF-CarryOnUpSmog
« on: October 05, 2009, 10:57:01 AM »
These maps can be downloaded here.

KF_CarryOnUp and KF-CarryOnUpSmog - 2nd of October 2009

This map pack consists of 2 maps -- KF-CarryOnUp and KF-CarryOnUpSmog --

KF-CarryOnUp is a night setting and KF-CarryOnUpSmog is an early smoggy morning setting which has been optimised for lower end systems.

Multiple savage maulings in Central London have led your squad to a building construction site that appears to be the origin of the attacks. Hardened construction workers have been seen running away from the area bearing witness to 'giant vermin built like a brick shit house'. Cordon off the site and contain any possible outbreak.

KF_CarryOnUp(Smog) features:
9 Traders.

8 Floors.

16 Pickups for both weapons and ammo.

Multiple Zombie Spawners both in the playable area and outside the perimeter wall. The outside spawners are configured for a 'dramatic' entrance.

Multiple floors with transitional changes for multi level gaming.

Open and closed battle zones.

Custom signs/textures.

Implemented to fully support default Killing Floor gametype with standard gameplay functionality.

Ambient background sound and rotating gameplay music per wave.

Context based lighting and effects.

Considered optimisation for performance.

Intensive beta playtesting to ensure a solid final version.

Shout Outs
Thanks to -- Iva Bin Drinkun, Helion, and the server regulars for intensive play testing and feedback.

Thanks to the following Tripwire forum users (in somewhat posting order) for some great advice and feedback -- Ricky(SCO), DrGuppy, Boxxxed, Polygon, Alex_KF, driftwood, Maul, Britney_Federline, Dragonfel666, gusone, Gregs2K2, Maksimus, Tizewize, avp2501, dextronaut, THEDDLE, SgtHermann (thx), Fel.

Thanks to snipe34 for the 'Rusted Brace' static mesh which doubles nicely as a road speed ramp.

A big shout to my work buddy Jon for kindly providing some of the graffiti and giving me permission to use it. Your pieces have been tagged inside the map.

Thanks to THEDDLE for playtesting and keeping the current beta version updated on his server during the testing process. Your servers are an invaluable asset to mappers and the community.

A big group hug for all community designers, gamers, and fan sites ( | | amongst others) who keep Killing Floor alive and exciting.

And of course to Tripwire Interactive staff and associates for providing regular updates, support, and a kick arse game.

Place KF_CarryOnUp(Smog).rom in your server map folder.
Place the compressed KF_CarryOnUp(Smog).rom.uz2 in your redirect.

Add KF_CarryOnUp(Smog) to your server map rotation through the KillingFloor.ini or Web Based Interface.

Be fair, friendly, and have fun.
See you in the servers.


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