Star Wars: Republic Commando Machinima

Started by darkvengence25, October 19, 2009, 04:16:38 PM

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Hey everyone. I've been working on a machinima lately for Republic Commando and I made a quick video based on the events before the Ghost Ship Recon in campaign. Please watch the vid and tell me if you guys want more. :]

Thanks for your support! Hope you enjoy the video.



hey really gud vid darkvengeance i for 1 would like to see some more of that please sir .. 8-)



Hey i got some map making skills i guess you could try making a machinima off my funhouse map that i will upload soon. If i can find out how to upload that is!
That's a whole Bowlful of FAIL!!!


That would be a great comedy, a couple of clones and others walking trough the house, falling into traps and those things.
I was Ralex. I have finaly got to know how to change name! The thing was that I didn't know how to change it. :S
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Ya now all i have to do is upload the map and you. An even have your clones chill out in my secret room. Oops! I accidently gave a hint.
That's a whole Bowlful of FAIL!!!