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General / Community
« on: February 02, 2013, 05:38:43 PM »
I have not posted on here in atleast a year but today I was going through my computer and found all the old work me and Frazscotland had done in order to release a Republic Commando II mod a couple years ago. We have lots of notes, concept art, music, models, and begginings to what could have been one of the best mods for this game. I am just dissapointed because I feel like this community is dying. We are losing members, there are never posts, and the game itself is outdated for useful modding. Putting in the work for others to enjoy is a good feeling, but I feel like I must move on to other things. Most of you have probably forgotten me, but I want to thank you all for what has been put into this community!


General / Republic Commando II Mod
« on: June 22, 2011, 10:01:45 AM »
I know i havnt been on here in ages.. but ive been thinkin.. how bout every1 in da community works on makin the same mod.. and hav it b sumtin lik a sequel to da actual game.. We could get everyone to work on it. and it would b lots of fun. wen we finish it'll b rlly kool. so any1 wanna join in wit me? I can do anything you guys wouldnt want to do.. but we need ppl to do:

-map making
-3d model creation, texturing, and animation
-music and sound editing
-effects animation
-prop design, level design, character design
-story writer(ya pretty much write the story line and choose da settings)
-importing and exporting

General / Questions from an old friend...
« on: April 09, 2011, 05:16:32 PM »
Hey its Slaughter, I havnt been on here since before Christmas...Yup I been modding this whole time. I have some questions for the Sandcrawler Community..

-When I import my .ase 3d models from blender into Unrealed  it wont let me texture them in the game. Ive tried texturing them in blender before importing them..which doesn't work either. How do I texture my custom models?

-Tycon did ya eva' get that lightsaber idea to work?? Wat hav ya done so far on it??

-And last... IS there anyway to import custom animations into Unrealed?

COME On community.. 3 easy questions... 3 easy answers... I JUST WAnNA MAKE THE uLTiMATe MoD.

General / Noticed Things
« on: November 05, 2010, 07:20:20 PM »
I've been seeing everyone whos a member, pretty much, and I've noticed we've got members from Canada, Sweden, Britain, Argentina, United States, Germany, and even beyond that. It's hard for me to think that people from all these different countries are modding the same thing. That's pretty sweet.

Also, there have been almost no posts or new topics, where is everyone???... all i've seen is Sandcrawler, Frazscotland, and a few others...(RC, Leeroy, etc.) Doesn't anyone have any modding problems for us to answer??? :-\

I've also seen Jet/Ralex, srry i don't know what to call you, thx, we really need to start sum modding project or sumting, it has been a while. ::)   :P   :-\   8) ;)  :D

Properties Editing / Karma
« on: September 26, 2010, 08:48:22 AM »
No not where you smite or applaud people,, but it's when u shoot something and instead of doing nothing it will fall over or react to u shooting it. I'm going to
tell you how to make static meshes do this. It's quite simple, you choose a static mesh>right click>and add karma actor*(not all static meshes can use karma)*

After you've place your Kactor, you can click the properties> click Karma>Kparams>KparamsMyLevel...>KarmaParams>> now you can edit what your Kactor
does in the game.

KstartEnabled--When set to false,  it means that when your character spawns the Kactor wont be enabled, till it is shot with a weapons/grenade.
                      When set to true, they will act as if they were all shot.
bHighDetailOnly--When set to false, the Karma actors will react no matter what the players detail settings are.
                         When set to true, the Karma actors will react only when their detail setting is set to high.
bKStayUpright--When set to true, the Kactor will try to stay upright.
                       When set to false, the Kactor could tip over.
KactorGravScale--Higher number, the Kactor is affected by gravity more.
                           Lower number, (possibly floating?!?!?) i don't know.
KangularDamping--This affects how fast or slow the kactor would rotate. When set to 0 it won't stop rotating.

Kbuoyancy--Kactor in water. When 0 it will sink to the bottom. When set to 1, depending on the speed it goes in it will stop at a point, it won't float or sink.
                                          When set to 1.2 or higher it will float.
KMass-- affects the weight of the object.

Modeling / Exporting models from Wings 3d to unrealed???
« on: August 10, 2010, 04:28:32 PM »
How do you export models from Wings 3d to unrealed???  ???

« on: June 04, 2010, 08:44:21 AM »
I have 3 different packs of custom textures, i've been trying to upload them to this site, but it won't let me. PLZ HELP! 8-)

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