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[RC] Trn_02
« on: September 08, 2010, 06:47:15 PM »
This is the continuation of Trn_01 formerly known as Dm_ZPMap. This is going to Hopefully scare you and give you the ride of Rc? Your life... Wait that made no sense... Any ways i have this whole campaign laid out in my head and in sketchbooks<not really in skecthbooks.
"so zeix whats gonna happen this time its probably fake and gay."
Shut up questionable part of my mind!
"Fale and gay!"
shut u-
"Fake and gay!"
Two camels in a tiny car hah i win
well any ways the levels layout is after you succesfuly get the trando traiter to safety he tells you of   A secret factory. So you suddenly find your self at a factory. But when you go inside its seemingly abandoned. Your objective is to destroy a key part of the factory while fixer is off doing another. Hense forth your alone. Right back to abandoned. The factory is also placed in a volcano. No not in in but more like right above the lava. Okay i got that part cleared you will find a door to breach which leads to the second half of the level. Youll be walkin along through a hallway wondering where is everybody then you find a hallway with some cables hangin from the ceiling. When all of a sudden a trando merc body falls and gets stuck on the cables. By the way its a body its dead. Thats all im giving away for now i hope you guys will tell me if it sounds good right now this zeix signin out....................................
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