Awesome Outer Space Skydome

Started by darkvengence25, December 07, 2009, 12:32:53 PM

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Does anybody have any outer space skydomes? I've been trying to look for a few but I haven't found any so far. I don't like the one used in RC because is a little lame and I wanted a new texture so people can look in awe at it.

Dark Lord

ive made my own in the spacestation and star cruiser maps using SW images found on google (and in Star Cruiser's case the star was made by a friend). you are welcome to use the ones there if you like

in the map i am working on now, i made a starfield myself in GIMP using this tutorial: ... orial.html

it's probably best that you make your own, because while there are a lot of cool space images out there, it is extremely hard to find images that will work well together in a skydome box
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Hey thanks a lot Dark Lord! I'll check out the ones you have, and I'll try making a few with the tutorial! :D


yessss spacestation is the most ambitious rc map i have ever seen. it took me 30 mins to explore it . it could be an AI map which would take as long to do as a complete level from rc.. :D


hey my map assaultship zone has a very good skyzone. i had to make my own high-rez space texture and apply it to the dark kashyyyk skydome.
check it out, it is seen in the recreation of the prologue shooting range. :mrgreen: