Kashyyyk Beast?!?!

Started by Delrahn, April 10, 2010, 03:39:34 PM

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I was opening new animations and found one titled "Beast", and it's the Kashyyyk Beast. You can apply it to a pawn, or a static mesh, but it's untextured. If any one knows how to texture it, please post it here. To get to the Kashyyyk Beast got to: Animations>Open>Beast. To Apply it to a pawn: Rightclick on the pawn and go to actor properties, then display advanced. In the field "Mesh" type:


i've already experimented with it a while ago. problem was that there is no aicontroller for it. i guess i took the geodronecontroller for it and it worked though the collision and meleerange etc needed to be fixed.
Xfire- viscatus


Cool. Did you find aything that worked? Al I want to know though, is what textures to aplly to it, if it even has a texture at all.


wel i kan bet u a dollar easy that ARRAMUS could skin BEAST and make it look excellent like the HAILFIREDROID in less time than anyone  :lol:


you probably have to make your own ai controller and there is no texture for it

EDIT- i believe it was supposed to be a mini boss but Lucas Arts scrapped it because they are fags


yes itb b a great pawn for mp mod  BEAST V BEAST  wouldnt see much in te xinterface customise tho haha  :)