Exporting models from Wings 3d to unrealed???

Started by Slaughter, August 10, 2010, 04:28:32 PM

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How do you export models from Wings 3d to unrealed???  ???


You will more than likely need the Actor X plugin for Wings if they have one. That will allow you to export your mesh as a .pse/psk file. If you want the models for RC then that is what you will need. Also to note, fbx files are not program interchangeable. So if you export a file from wings as fbx, you cannot import it to any other program. For that matter once it's exported I think it's done with editing altogether. Blender, 3dMax, Maya, and Wings are all capable of exporting obj files but like fbx can not be imported to other programs except Zbrush. This goes for 3ds files as well.