Public Adress to Team Furby Members

Started by Sandcrawler, February 01, 2011, 07:08:16 PM

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All regular Users feel free to disregard this topic.

If your a Team Furby member, and wondering what happened to the TF website, continue reading. Basically since Bacon left TF on 10/03/2010 I have been hosting the website for free. This was never my intention, but it happened at the wrong time (faimly member passed away, around then) Later in October I contacted a member (not giving names) about the website, and we talked about it, but nothing ever happened higher up. Then January seconds I contacted another member about the website, and it was supposed to be taken care of by January 20th. I don't recieve an email from the member who was going to handle it until the 19th of January. I give my respounce of prices and whatnot, they ask me to wait a bit for thier reply. That was 12 days ago.

The point being, that I gave a generous number of chances to keep the forums and website, now they are mine, and the domain is registered to me for another 6 months.
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