Started by a trandoshan, June 06, 2012, 07:22:45 PM

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a trandoshan

whats up guys the sandcrawler mad is litteraly my first mod (that i downloaded, still have yet to get enough experince under my belt to make my own) and i need to know how to apply it to SWRC. i know that this is probably in the wrong forum but like i said im totaly a noob at mods. thank you for your answers and help!

a trandoshan

when ever i click on the shortcut sandcrawler mod v1 it says that the driver that the shortcut refers to is unavailable.


I dont know much about sandcrawler mod, but i can tell you it is not used very much.

Most online servers have mods that allow the people who join to not have to have downloaded the mod.


Hey The Sandcrawler Mod is now over 5 years old i think . Bear in mind when it was created it was Ground breaking and the only mod available.
I think its a bit " long in the tooth " now and would be great if it was revamped.
But arramus and sandcrawler have moved on to different projects now and dont have the time .
New knowledge has been gained and the sandcrawler mod could be remade more user friendly
like to activate its features from a new GAMETYPE amd the modded weps features activate from a seperate u. file,
Ive been working on a raft of new weaps and variants for the game which can be utilised in this fashion, which id be more than happy to put towards this or anyone who want to use it,
PFWskip and CCPIV made some great nu game types  CONQUEST and FOOTBALL mod and even now ENTERABLE VEHICLES mod which could be expanded on.. 8)

Most of the mod servers u see utilise script to get the results but these can only go SO FAR