Started by Slaughter, February 02, 2013, 04:38:43 PM

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I have not posted on here in atleast a year but today I was going through my computer and found all the old work me and Frazscotland had done in order to release a Republic Commando II mod a couple years ago. We have lots of notes, concept art, music, models, and begginings to what could have been one of the best mods for this game. I am just dissapointed because I feel like this community is dying. We are losing members, there are never posts, and the game itself is outdated for useful modding. Putting in the work for others to enjoy is a good feeling, but I feel like I must move on to other things. Most of you have probably forgotten me, but I want to thank you all for what has been put into this community!


Dark Lord

i still build maps and intend on continuing, but you are right that this community doesnt have much life anymore. however, i have seen some pretty lively modding on random places, usually associated with clans. i think TX and TAG are the big ones right now, but i really don't know because i havent been involved in the actual RC community, just the modding stuff. that is to say, anyways, that we modders are still out there, im just not sure where the best place to go is...keep it up though!
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ya im still here 2 ! just been slowly slugging away with my rc wep xpansion mod. Im always late and as such this is also .
Just been testing things and remaking things. just like a mapper i guess changing parts in their maps . 8)