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Started by Elrune, March 19, 2009, 03:13:13 AM

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Hi, i'm new, but have been fiddling around for a while now.
First up, before anyone comes up with the obvious solution to my as-of-yet unmentioned problem, my unrealed doesn't work, the patch which is supposed to install it cannot find my RC files, no matter how many times I reinstall it and I am thoroughly fed up with it.

I am trying to reskin the horribly colored droids in RC, seeing as some others have already done the commando skins, etc.

However, whining aside, I downloaded 'Game Extractor" instead, so I still had a chance of modding RC, and it opened the droid .utx fine and produced several .texture files and some other shaders and stuff, which I have reasoned not to touch.

So, my question is: How or what does one use to open a .texture file?  :?

Thanks in advance if answered,
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hunt ankou

well, elrune, im not even shure how to get the freakin  unrealeditor so count uself lucky


Hey, I have a ton of custom textures, but it won't let me post 'em anywhere. PLZ HElP 8-)

Join filefront upload in rar paks and post dload links here.  8-)

Slaughter ... _Pack.utx/ ... ack_1.utx/

Here's where u can download my custom textures. I give credit to If anything is wrong with them plz reply.



Here i make into installer, and once again thankyou slaughter for submitting this for the mapper community. here is link for any mappers who want to dload. ... PAK-1.rar/
Remember junior mappers when using these textures  that you will have to compile a mini texture pak or file of your own containing whichever textures you have used out of these included with you modmap  8-)