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How do I make it so I can walk around in, for example, a boy visor?

in hudarms the view for boyvision is just the headset . u kan take a screeny of the boyhead and make a uservision modenormal  for it with a screeni like the scopesights   ive done it 8)

how would I do that? and also, can u PM me about helping with my mod?

Ok well if you goto the PAWN CTPAWN MPPAWN then  MPCLONE  Default properties then PAWN  section then VISION PAWN USER you will see 0,1,2 VisionModeNormal'FrameFX.VisionModes.VisionNormal'
in HIDDEN if you scroll down youll see CURRENTUSERVISIONMODE 0
In FRAMEFX textures pakage you can copy any of the existing visionmodes to your own new custom texture pakage . ideally if you want to have an framing of sorts in your screen COPY the existing VisionModeSniper'FrameFX.VisionModes.VisionSniper'
you can reanme it to anything but you must also copy the accompanying SHADER
for example
if you look in the SHADER   properties at TEXTURES there you will see
you can have your own texture there or scope etc  in your new texture pak
the uservision mode SNIPER or BOWCASTER are the only 2 allow you to use a substitute texture
i tested it before to see if itd work with the NIGHTVISION and NORMAL but NO so you have to use either those 2  im afraid
You can then change in PAWN VISIONPAWNUSER to reference your new VISIONMODE


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