Started by Sandcrawler, July 12, 2009, 02:10:51 AM

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Welcome to the new forums for Anchohead Fight Week. If you don't already know about this new site, then let me fill you in.

Anchorhead Fight Week is a new Tournament site being developed by me. I have been planning this for some time now, but I kept pushing it back so I had time to update the Republic Commando Mod Site, and the Killing Floor Mod Site. Well no more, its coming, and coming fast.

Here is an excert from a post of mine on the DS forums.
QuoteThe hottest new Tournament site under Tatooines Twin suns.

aka A new site on sandcrawler.net, it'll function somewhat like ER did. I've just finished the match reporting pages, and I'm going to finish up the guild/clans page sometime today. I could use a few people who are interested in doing the initial test once I have it finished. It'll use a slightly modified version of the Battleweek rules for now, and if anyone has an idea for the name of an RC week let me know about it.

Just to share a bit more on how clans will work...
Right now I'm thinking that the clan score, total games, and so on will be figured depending on the members, instead of who played under that clan in the past. So clans will be more of a compilation of the members. I plan on using a clan password to join, alot like battlestats.

Anymore questions? I'll always host an RC tourny as long as somebody wants one.

As of the writing of this message I have finished the clan system, and will be begining work on a few other display systems, then I'd like to give it a quick test run before we start our first event. I'm planning on starting a test round for Republic Commando on Friday the 17th(this friday) and running it over the weekend until sunday the 19th. On the following Monday, the 20th, sign ups will open for the first Republic Commando Tournament, this will start on Sunday the 26th, and run until August 2nd.

For those of you that just want dates:
Test Round Sign ups: Before the 17th :D
Test Round Start: Friday the 17th (This friday)
Test Round End: Friday the 19th (This sunday)
Republic Commando Round 1 Sign Ups Start: Monday the 20th
Republic Commando Round 1 Start: Monday the 26th
Republic Commando Round 1 End: Sunday July 2nd

I hope for a good turn out, for both the test and the event. If anyone has any questions just register here on the forums and ask. (The forum account will be the same account used for Anchorhead Fight Week)

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This is great news indeed. It's been a long time since RC had any tourney action and no better a place than with experience and dedication carried over from years of ER battling.

RC has just made its way onto the Steam stores. At $9.99 for a download, let's hope the tourney will act as an incentive to get a few more RC clan division member lists populated.


I agree with arramus there, I am hoping that this will bring a whole community to RC with the low price and easy access. Can't wait to get in on trying out this tourny and see if I can still take a few out with my old blaster  ;)


This is pretty old, isnt it? Cant you make more and new events? I would realy like to play in a tournament, I have never done that. :D
I was Ralex. I have finaly got to know how to change name! The thing was that I didn't know how to change it. :S
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Nobody has played in this one so I haven't seen a reason to make a new one.

I'd like to know how it works for people before we make a real event. See if you can get people to register and do thier scrims here.

If I could get say 10 people who have reported a game themself to let me know how it worked, I could move on. Right now I'm afraid to move on if its not an easy to use page, it would only make it harder to fix later.

Registration is locked open on the RC event thats running now, just be signed in, go in there and click Sign Up.
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yeh thanks sandcrawler for what you and arramus do and continue to do for swrc community.i wish some ppl were more appreciative of that  :twisted:  :evil:


sombody please tell me what im doing wrong or if sombody just hates me i dont care if its just becuase you hate me for talking about other games and stuff but if i knew where to find the modding sites (were you MAKE the maps) then i wouldnt be only talking about games