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Started by Sandcrawler, July 07, 2010, 08:10:04 PM

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You will need to login about three times for your password conversion to be completed, this is normal, and there is nothing I can do to improve it.

Othwise you'll notice everythign from the old forums is now here, for now it will just be these forums, I'm tired of phpbb breaking down and all around unsatified with it. So now we are using Simple Machine Forums. They are easier to sue for everyone.

Soon the website will be converted to work on here as well.
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All's well indeed with SMF. phpbb had a good run for sure.


are there other themes because this is ugly as hell


And why are everyone "Newbie"?  :o Even sandcrawler is. lol  ;D
I was Ralex. I have finaly got to know how to change name! The thing was that I didn't know how to change it. :S
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its not so bad its just nu and diffrnt its more brite the old site was kool but a bit dark maybe it scared sum ppl i dunno 8)


I added more titles, and might change them again later.

As for Themes what I'm thinking of doing is just having you guys find whatever theme you want, customize it with a banner/logo if you want and I'll add it to the forums. That way if you guys want a bright cotton candy pink theme you can have it :P

The forums are going to be different this time. The website is going to sit on its own domain/subdomain and the forums will be either sandcrawler.net/forums or forums.sandcrawler.net (not up yet)

The SMF theme site is:

Make sure its compatable with SMF 2.0 RC3 (or at least 2.0)

I will do a little bit on the themes if you guys link to them (I'll put a logo in and activate them)
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Can I haz a Fosters Bikini Team as my theme  ;D


I have a newbie question :(
How do you create a new topic?
Because i was searching on this page but i dont see anything about it. sorry for my ignorance :'(


just as u have done u hve a subject and a message


I didnt understand but never mind because i already have one