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Started by zeix72, October 07, 2013, 09:17:27 AM

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Me and a friend have been trying to get a server going in multiplayer and theres alot of questions that we cant find answers to. We already have a server host and have payed for it and all that stuff. But we cant figure out how to add maps to the playlist. Anyone know how to do this? From what i could piece together it has something to do with the command line. If anyone knows could you please say what to do.
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i know nothing about networking and all that myself, but here is what i can tell you

on the most basic level, make sure you have all the maps added to your queue ingame. if not already, then this tool should work http://www.gamefront.com/files/15784479/Map_List_Updater_V2_0

however, im assuming you arent launching from within RC, so that probably won't help you...
i searched the forums here and this is the most relevant thing i can find http://forums.sandcrawler.net/index.php?topic=911.0

i doubt this answers your issue, but i also doubt you are going to get any other reply on these forums for a while and like i said i don't really know about networking stuff. i always had someone else do the servers for me...

however, i do believe that your map list updating and all that will be specific to whatever hosting site you are using. therefore, i would highly suggest asking on that host's support forums or seeing if anyone else has done so already
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