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Registration and Signup Procedure for Clan Leaders



1) Register as a user at the Sandcrawler Network and login.

2) Go to the Clans page:
and select 'Create a Clan'

3) Fill in the requested fields:
Name: (The full name of your clan)
Initials: (An abbreviated form of your clan name)
Website URL: (The website address for your clan)
Clan Password: (This password allows other clan members to automatically join your clan)

Check the checkbox for the games your clan supports and add some detail to the description box that best describes your clan.


1) Select the 'Browse' tab and you will see your clan amongst the list. Here you can check the status of all registered clans.

2) Select 'Your Clan' and you'll be presented with a summary of your clan's details. This will include profile, performance, and membership.

3) Select 'Manage Clan' and you'll be presented with numerous management options. Here you can edit clan details, remove members from the roster, hand clan leadership to another member, and even create groups within the clan.


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