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How do i set everything up to get the clones to repel from a gunship i have tried a bunch of different things but cant get the pawn to do the animation for it.

Well. First things first. You've placed this request in the wrong subforum. But we'll let that slide. As for your question, I recommend looking at the storyline maps and see how they do it. It involves an AnimProp and a ScriptedTrigger.

yeah i figured it out now the question is how to get the player to repel. I have looked at what they did but it didnt seem to work i mean has anybody here gotten the player commando to repel?

Ah the player cant rapell its just an sp animation ...
But   TAG PHOBOS has made a tether script file which allows mappers to place rope in a map for MP and players can climb up and down !!!!
Awesome, 8)

so you know how to set up this sp animation like you know how in the game you repel out of the gunship or off a cliff i was wondering how to do that. cause you know its pretty lame to see you're buddy s repelling out of the gunship and you like have to jump.


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