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Rules for Bad Company 2 Conquest
« on: March 25, 2010, 10:31:42 PM »
Bad Company 2 Conquest


1. Registration

a) All Players MUST be registered at this website for Anchorhead Brawl: in order to participate in Bad Company 2 events.

b) All players MUST sign up with their respected clans and appear on their roster on this website.

c) All players MUST assign their Steam Login Name (not nickname) to their username at this website.

d) Players who wish to compete must individually sign up for the event.

2. Setup and Coordination of Matches

a) During match setup, when maps, hosts, number of matches, starting team, and competing sides are chosen, players on each team should be announced to help enforce that all players in the match are signed up at Anchorhead Fight Week and are active on a clan.

b) Match Setup and Coordination must be done in:


c) Clan and player membership should be verified prior to each battle event.

d) Players must agree on maps, numbers of rounds and players before battle starts and host launches game. If this agreement is made in the Chatroom then it must be saved by members of both clans and shown in cases of dispute.

e) Each team will host two rounds and then pass hosting to the opposing team, unless agreed otherwise prior to the start of the battle.

f) Players per game can range from 1 verses 1 up to 16 verses 16. No games hosting uneven sides will be permitted/authorized or reported.

g) Host asks if all players are ready to begin. Upon receiving an affirmative answer from all players the host resets the level using a remote console command. The command can be performed in an application like:


h) Each map round result will be reported as an individual game played.

i) Host is responsible for taking screenshot of scores and registering results for both teams (sides). All players are encouraged to take their own screenshot of the results of the battle. Xfire allows screenshots to be taken using the default Scroll Lock+S key binding. Screenshots will be stored in the Xfire folder.

j) Host will report battle results of games played, unless agreed otherwise prior to the start of the battle. Results of games are to be reported at:

k) If a player disconnects from the game, it will be the player's responsibility to reconnect to the game as fast as possible. Even though all points are lost when disconnects occur; players returning will contribute to their team score. If the player does not return this person will still be recorded when game results are submitted, with all zeros (0s). Unless the Host Game Crashes, game will continue to the end.

l) All servers will require a password to ensure that only reognised competitors can enter the server.

m) Punkbuster must be on for all matches.

3. Host Setup and Configuration

Hosting will require a good connection to ensure stability. Please take this into account when submitting your game server as a host for your club.

Select Maps Page
1. Gametype: Conquest
2. Server Name: Anchorhead Brawl (club tag vs club tag)
3. Selected Maps: As agreed during match setup.

Game Server Settings
1. Max Players: 32 (max)
2. Friendly Fire: On 100%
3. Autobalance Teams: Off

Play fair, be friendly, and have fun.