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So around a year ago I started doing videos on YouTube, making a Let's Play of Minecraft, I had always intended to do one for Republic Commando, and a year later I have started one.

Right now I am playing through the single player campaign, then I want to do a couple multiplayer video, and after that it will depend on how many views the series gets if I continue or not.

Republic Commando playlist

Currently, episode 3 is released, on Tuesday at 5pm PST is when the next video comes out.

Episode 1:
The Unreal Modders Haven is Once again fully Operational. Get back to using the tutorials and downloading our maps.

For anyone that knows a bit of php, when I wrote this website php5 wasn't around, so I used the current mysql library. Where as with php5 now you should be using mysqli (i for improved) or the other database library. Basically I had to go in and change the database queries over to the new way.

First I had to learn the new one, and come to terms with its quirks, then it went even faster than I expected.

If anyone gets an error message on a page you should reply to this post, and I'll fix it.
News and Announcements / Broken Website
April 22, 2013, 10:09:20 AM
If you look on the website, you probably noticed that most of it is broken.

Its a change in php that requires me to change code on every page...On pages such as tutorials or Downloads the code is used multiple times on each page.

It may take a while to have the website operational again.

The Forums will not be effected by this.
General / Re: Ace of Spades Votekick
November 18, 2012, 05:42:14 PM
It was being abused back when I was actively playing so I shut it off. I'll look into turning it back on.  Though to be honest now that jagex owns ace of spades I'm done with the game.

Actually with the fact that they are dropping support for custom maps the server will be going down instead.
General / Re: My Let's Play Videos
October 16, 2012, 11:07:39 AM
Not at all, feel free to post the link anywhere you like. :)
Killing Floor Chat / Re: Parachute Mutator
August 09, 2012, 11:45:59 PM
I'm not sure, this topic is 2 years old. I saw a couple Parachute mutators listed on the Tripwire forums.
General / My Let's Play Videos
June 26, 2012, 05:29:50 PM
Two weeks or so ago I started making Let's Play Videos, I have an ongoing series of Minecraft Videos, and a few for other games that I like. is my channel.

I play on a server with a friend of mine, he also makes Let's Plays and we have collaborated on a few. His channel can be found here:
I'd say grab it, and try it when you have time. Blender doesn't really support UE2 either, but there is a .ase plugin to save them that way.

With Hexagon to use it with UE2 you would just need a converter I believe BitTurn will do it

You just save/export from Hexagon to a .obj format, then use BitTurn to convert .obj to .ase
News and Announcements / Re: This Weekend
April 09, 2012, 10:36:47 PM

I wonder when that page was even written, I'm betting 2008 =P

I'll fix it sometime when I bother updating the page, but I bet if you went through all of the pages you would find dozen more mistakes.

Would you like some Con-Cider with your servers? :P

Fixed by removal. It was pointing to the wrong website anyways. I may bring the donation form back at some point, not that anyone donated money anyways. The servers are only running because JestServers was nice enough to provide them.
Well...its not really fair for me to compare them, I found Blender confusing as hell, and never made anything more interesting than a box in it.

Hexagon I've watched several tutorials on recently and I think I can model decently with it. The user interface is way easier than Blenders. It reminds me quite a bit of using the Unreal Editor. With that said, there are some things I don't care for, the mouse navigation is kind a pain, there are tools at the bottom center to rotate or pan the model (still better than Wings3D or Blender had) and as I use it more I'm learning to like the camera controls more and more. You can just click and hold the tool to rotate or pan. Rather than changing the tool from the manipulator (the one you use a lot) to one of the camera controls.
Yes and No (mostly no)

To import a model from Hexagon you would have to use Blender, or another software to convert the model to .lwo or .ase. Blender has plugins that will save to both of these formats. Then you could import the converted model to Republic Commando.
Daz 3D has made three programs free for the remainder of April. These are for the Pro version, with serial keys that would cost over $800 at the retail price.

To download go to the Daz 3D website, you will have to register an account, then buy the software (for free) No credit card of payment information is required.

What you get:
Daz Studio - A 3D character/scene creator, that can create some nice renders easily. You can also use it to render interior scene, or even outdoor (but Bryce is better for Outdoor)

Bryce - You can use Bryce to create an outdoor landscape scene , and even place the characters you pose in Daz Studio inside your outdoor setting. You can also use Bryce to generate heightmaps that you could then import into Unreal Engine, Ace of Spades, or any other Game engine that uses Heightmaps for terrain.

Hexagon - a 3D modeling application, that allows you to create 3D models in an intuitive way. Its one of the easiest ones that I have used (even easier than Wings3D) and seemed to have a good amount of power behind it.

(Maybe if I learn patience soon enough and manage to model something decent I'll post a screenshot.)

I think it is worth the few minutes it takes to register and get the software.

Update: As of 5/4/2012 it looks as though the Saz Software is still free, they haven't given a expiration date for it this time.
Star Wars Republic Commando Chat / Re: SP tutorials
March 30, 2012, 09:18:43 PM
You can add them to the website.

Just save them as a tutorial.txt file inside a folder, and upload it. The link below gives an example of how/what to do.


Properties Editing / Re: Mutators
January 28, 2012, 08:31:19 PM
Quote from: kram on January 28, 2012, 08:03:54 PM
From what i get, not many people actually visit here.

Depends on what you mean, the tutorials still get around 50 hits a month (each) with downloads getting more. Most users never bother to register they just use the tutorials, and download maps. Republic Commando is the least active game out of the three (AoS is most for tutorials, and KF is most for downloads)

Why not just look at how the rocket launcher in game rotated towards the locked on player, and adapt it to yours.
General / Untitled Game
January 28, 2012, 01:22:36 PM
I've been working on a small Art Game for the past several months. Just recently I released the 3rd beta of the game that added an Online leaderbaord that you can submit your score too.

I just want to mention that the game is not an RPG, action, or standard platformer. Its a score game (think pacman) mixed in with a color changing gameplay.

I would really like to get some feedback on the game before the next (most likely last) beta. So if you try it, and have feedback post it, or email me ( )

More information:

A screenshot (showing off the new particle effects added in this version

I hope you'll play the game, and post your highscores.