Joining and Leaving a Clan

Started by arramus, December 23, 2009, 01:52:57 AM

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1) Register as a user at the Sandcrawler Network and login.

2) Go to the Clans page:
and select your clan from the list. If your clan isn't listed then you'll have to ask your clan leader to register first.

3) Once you've selected your clan and the clan page appears select the 'Register' tab. You will be presented with a text box where you enter your clan password. Once entered select the join tab.

4) If you entered the correct password your membership will be confirmed and you'll be prompted to visit your clan page. Either select the prompt or select 'Your Clan'.

5) In your clan page you'll be presented with a summary of your clan's details. This will include profile, performance, and membership.


1) If you ever want to leave your clan then simply select the 'Leave' prompt from within 'Your Clan' page and confirm your intention on the following confirmation page. You will then be able to join a new clan or even create your own.