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I'd like some input from the community about the future of the Downloads section, as it will determine what I do.

Both options would include some general enhacments to the script, and some real categories.

Option 1: Just merge the two dopwnloads togeather but keep them on the Modification website. Basicly how it is now.

Option 2: Merge the two downloads sections togeather, and move them to the Sandcrawler Network website (first link at the top). This way it wouldn't be on the mod site, a user wouldn't need to see the content on the Mod site to download your maps (there would still be a downloads link, that redirects to this location). I see this more of a Developer > Publisher movement, one site focuses on creating the content, the other publishes it for download.

This Poll will run until I finish the script, but it will only be an Announcment for two weeks.

HMM wel probably whatevers easiest and least time-consuming (for you) sandcrawler

They're about the same for me.

All that changes is where I put the link to the Downloads.

Suppose whatever looks best then for the site. onwards and upwards  8-)

i choose option 3 where you have a link on the gamer focused sites to the downloads on the other ones


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