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So based on the recent poll that I did I'm going to go with displaying it on the Sandcrawler Network Website, but there will be a link to the downloads section on the New Mod site.

All administration stuff, such as addign a map, managing maps, and whatnot will be handeled on the Mod Site.

Downloads, voting, and viewing the map will be handeled on the Sandcrawler Network website.

We will have real and scaleable categories, instead of the fake ones that I have in place now. Meaning Republic Commando will be a category, and then there will be Deathmatch/Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag/Assult, Single Player, and Modification categories under that.

There are a handful of features/junk that I'm removing that has almost never been used. It will make it simpiler, and easier to use. At this point there are only two. The review system, that has never been used. And the forum links, that is rarely used, I figrue that these two can just be put in other places, such as in the description of the files, or in the comment box.

I'm also adding a few things, such as the categories, and a Download agreement for non-logged in users...registered and logged in users will have already agreeded to it. Basicly just don't sue us for infected files.

I have two questions:
1. Should we continue to allow the uploading of exe excutable files (an easy way to distribute viruses)?
2. Will some of you be interested in updating the existing files to fit the new design and standards?

Too expand and give a bit more information on Question 2:
All of the old files entrys don't have the category data in place, as well as the user data. Not to mention that some of them need an updated installer, or to be changed over to be a zip file.

What I'm going to do is create an Archive website, that will be home to all of the old files, but it'll just be a list of files with no User Inteface.

i dont download much but ive been told that chameleons maps are filled with virus's and idk what they are but i think you should talk to him about people will download his maps and get screwed if it isnt stoped

they arn't, I just checked them.

oh darn you qai u lied to me >:(

Lol, Qai is my brother. I told Qai about that becuse Chameleon himself told me that he's account was hacked and that it uploaded virus maps. After that I have not even tried to check the maps. It's not Qai's foult. You should blame Chameleon about that.  ;D


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