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Killing Floor Skinning Guide
« on: July 18, 2009, 01:34:14 AM »

Are you sick of the same old Killing Floor content? Don't like the looks or just want to make your ouwn stuff? Well this tutorial will tell you how to do it!

Step 1
To start you must have the Killing Floor SDK installed.
Once that's done launch it up. When it's open you should see a little box like this

If you don't see if click on this button up here and it will open it up

Step 2
If you can't pass step 1 then give up NOW. If you did pass it then continue to read.
Now that we got the texture box open lets start a skin. I'm going to do the soldier's as an example. Feel free to skin what you want later
Click on this box and go down to KF_Soldier_Trip_T
Click on the box that says "Heads" and go down to "Uniforms" and you should see this

When you scroll down you see that the first texture has a shine to it. That's because it's the envmap for them and we will not be using it. scroll down
to "Texture brit_soldier_I_diff*" and click on its name. If you've done everything right it should look like this.

Right click it and select "Export to File"
Save it to where you want. It will save as a DDS so make sure you have something that can open them.
Now open it up with whatever you are going to be using to edit it and go nuts. Here are the differen't parts.

Step 3
Once you're done with your skin you have to add it to the game.
Go back to UnrealEd and goto your texture box.
Click File then Import and find your skin and click Open.
Now you will see this.

If the name is not already brit_soldier_I_diff then change it to that and press Ok.
Now your new texture should be there. If it's not go back and see what you did wrong.
Now click file and save and save it as something differen't then the original name or the game won't let you play online.
I'll save mine as KF_Soldier_Pink_T

Step 4
Now go into your killingfloor/system folder and go down to the model you are wanting to skin. i will be one of the files in the yellow box

I'm going to do Private_Schnieder. Open it with Notepad and scroll over until you see this

Change KF_Soldier_Trip_T to the name of your texture's file. I'll be changing mine to KF_Soldier_Pink_T and save it.
Now go into Killing Floor and set your playermodel to the one that you edited.
(FYI: Once you edit a skin it will show no model there until you select one. you didn't do anything wrong)
If everything was done correctly it will show your skin.
Now you know how to skin for Killing Floor. I hope to see more skins showing up on the forum soon :D

Lastly Remember never to replace one of the default UTX files it will prevent online play. Edit the UPL's like the tutorial says.