Author Topic: Unofficial Republic Commando Patch Version 1.2  (Read 7077 times)


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Unofficial Republic Commando Patch Version 1.2
« on: April 30, 2010, 05:44:25 AM »
I though this would have already been announced somewhere here, but I couldn't find a topic by Skip.
-=[PfW]=-Skip has found out how to add your own UnrealScript to RepCom and with this knowledge we've been able to create this patch which is already running on all of the major servers. Only the server has to be patched, everyone is still able to join your server.
Some of the new features:
you can login as Admin and enter several new commands.
kick, kickban
force ppl to teams
spawn bots

Patch V 1.2
Read the readme carefully.

There will be a new patch soon.
If there are actually some people interested in coding we'll make a tut once we have some time.

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Re: Unofficial Republic Commando Patch Version 1.2
« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2010, 06:43:36 AM »
Any chance of downloading from the server?

What about restoring UWeb, the Web admin interface in UT04, and other games that don't destroy the engine first.

Just out of interest, are you coding in Unreal Editor and compiling, or using a ucc.exe file and exporting then recompiling the changes?
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Re: Unofficial Republic Commando Patch Version 1.2
« Reply #2 on: May 01, 2010, 07:56:58 AM »
I didn't have any luck with the downloading yet. There might be a small chance to restore the UWeb by copying classes from one of the UT games.

We're using the Unreal Editor for the coding and compiling.


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Re: Unofficial Republic Commando Patch Version 1.2
« Reply #3 on: May 01, 2010, 10:42:42 AM »
yeh its brilliant what you guys have alreay done. commendations to u theta,skip and ccp-iv  :D  im sure overtime youl have it improved way better than itis but its a brilliant start 8-)

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Re: Unofficial Republic Commando Patch Version 1.2
« Reply #4 on: June 19, 2010, 03:43:17 PM »
Again i'm already french so excuse my english ...  :mrgreen:

I'm here to speak about Skip and maybe theta i'm not sure of him.
I told you on this topic : viewtopic.php?f=55&t=1149&start=0

Skip and theta were kids to try to keep their patch for themself like a fucking secret  like billgates and now they make a new and a cool game like in battlefront 2 " the conquest game "  to get some point in time, again thanks for them to creat that mod like i said on the topic and here : ... -patch.htm

Now modders know how to creat better mod and fuctions. BUT NEVER THANKS TO YOU, i don't know if phobos learn to other modder how to mod function and no download mod but i don't care. with this post as i made you know  : viewtopic.php?f=55&t=1149&start=0
They want to keep their secret i said no.

Now what they are doing ? the same ? Omfg what happens in their brains ? o_Ô i can't say , i don't understand , maybe they never play and they don't see players , the game have no some players , now we have RC have more european server 3 new tx and 5 new LL public servers there are more players since 2 month don't you think?

You'll see in a " conversation " as Skip told me i'm not a programmer because he is crying about the topic i made for everyone to show how to edit ncc.u
Cry me a river fucking kid i can say, i'm a programmer but YOU , YOU ARE NOT A PROGRAMMER , is this website is important for ncc patch ?  YES IT IS . they copy some script and what ? they say they made it ? Omfg and people you know what ? they forgot Too things. If they made patchs it's for community, no, it's not for people .... it's only for your computer , they act like billgates , they stole part script to MAC and counceal their script now in the conquest patch ( why patch fags it's a mod -_- , call is patch mod conquest or other )

Kids just find the glory with stolen script for your computer , haha ,

I have just one question for you skip and theta ( theta if you help this kid ) : If you made patch why don't you want community can make it too ? We know there are some kids like you but there are mature guy and programmer i know they can help to script ;)

Now the ever clever conversation i had with Skip, he knows ( i hope for him ) he will be now more than an Anti Armor in RC  :mrgreen:    :

Code: [Select]
-=[PfW]=-Skip: how did you know from the release ??
-] LL [- Volo™: i know u're website
-] LL [- Volo™: and fraz tell me u made it
-] LL [- Volo™: and to try it
-] LL [- Volo™: That's really nice man
-] LL [- Volo™: How did u host that mod ?
-] LL [- Volo™: xDDDDDDDDDDD
-] LL [- Volo™: failor va
-] LL [- Volo™: read that shit thx
-] LL [- Volo™:
-] LL [- Volo™: You are just a kid
-] LL [- Volo™: Do you really think u can couceal the source code ?
-] LL [- Volo™: fail :/
-=[PfW]=-Skip: ha! then find a way to get compiled maschine code back to source code. no way. and if you should find a way (whats impossible) try to modiy or compile! surprise!
-] LL [- Volo™: i told you were a failor but u're more than that :/
-] LL [- Volo™: Be alone to mod it's cool ?
-] LL [- Volo™: and make me laught
-] LL [- Volo™: Code is easy to uncompiled -_-
-] LL [- Volo™: Source is in the .u
-] LL [- Volo™: u fail
-] LL [- Volo™: xD
-] LL [- Volo™: Lets
-=[PfW]=-Skip: ok, open it
-] LL [- Volo™: Learn english :D
-] LL [- Volo™: Code is easy to uncompiled -_-
-] LL [- Volo™: that's why i said the .u
-] LL [- Volo™: But no problem community will know Skip is the worst modder in repcom
-] LL [- Volo™: to think only for him :D
-] LL [- Volo™: But i can say it's a good mod
-] LL [- Volo™: Made by an idiot
-] LL [- Volo™: :/
-] LL [- Volo™: Poor guy
-] LL [- Volo™: i'm sure u have 14 years old :/
-] LL [- Volo™: Kid mentality
-] LL [- Volo™: Now i'll post on forums :D
-] LL [- Volo™: BB
-=[PfW]=-Skip: du kannst dich nur beliebtmachen über beleidigungen anderer, niemals über ehrliche arbeit
-] LL [- Volo™: La ferme espece de cretin
-] LL [- Volo™: tu penses qu'a ta gueules de gamin
-] LL [- Volo™: Oh la gloire et tout
-] LL [- Volo™: Mais omg
-] LL [- Volo™: on a un jeu qui meur de plus en plus
-] LL [- Volo™: tu te prend pour qui espece de merde ?
-] LL [- Volo™: Va parler ton lagage tout seul -_-
-] LL [- Volo™: langage
-] LL [- Volo™: J'halucine
-] LL [- Volo™: T'es grave con mec
-] LL [- Volo™: et rien à foutre que tu traduises ou pas
-=[PfW]=-Skip: oh and i saw your "better patch". omg you did nothing! 3 commands more and they're not working
-] LL [- Volo™: u can't saw
-] LL [- Volo™: u can't DL it
-] LL [- Volo™: failor
-] LL [- Volo™: u're just a kid
-] LL [- Volo™: and u know that think
-] LL [- Volo™: This conversation too will be posted on foru
-=[PfW]=-Skip: and you are the one ceeping your work from others
-] LL [- Volo™: i don't care i injure you in french
-] LL [- Volo™: u're just a gay
-] LL [- Volo™: Be alone i said
-] LL [- Volo™: And stay it
-] LL [- Volo™: kill the game
-] LL [- Volo™: BB
-] LL [- Volo™: now don't speak to me plz
-] LL [- Volo™: idc
-] LL [- Volo™: bb
-] LL [- Volo™: have a good night
-] LL [- Volo™: ( fag .. -_- )
-=[PfW]=-Skip: haha. try to do it better! you dont even know the unreal engine, noobie. ater 5 years o RC noone achieved what i achieved. noone. you included. cant do that, because you even dont know how to program
-=[PfW]=-Skip: bye
<Cet utilisateur est désormais hors ligne>

French / english /  german -> When i speak in french you can translate sentences with google you'll really understand he get my nerves to be so idiot and to understand i'll keep the game alive.

 Bon pour les français de passage que vous compreniez l'anglais ou pas la conversation tourne just au fait que je l'engeule de vouloir tout garder pour sa gueule et empecher d'autre personne de SAVOIR comment faire des mod etc sans besoin de telechargement ;)

Now i have one thing to say to every people who install Patch NCC and are not modder and programmer, they can make some functions u can't know and for exemple crash u're servers etc , make bad jokes with it. i alaways wanted to keep the game alive anyone can't discuss me about that same as Vash , just one thing to say to you people.

Help me , if you know something about mod , programmer , Edit Last game mean conquest post it here : viewforum.php?f=55 or here viewtopic.php?f=55&t=1149&start=10

I hope community will help me same i help it. =)

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Re: Unofficial Republic Commando Patch Version 1.2
« Reply #5 on: August 04, 2010, 10:13:28 AM »
will this work on the steam version of RC?


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Re: Unofficial Republic Commando Patch Version 1.2
« Reply #6 on: August 12, 2010, 08:27:21 AM »
the download link is dead, any chance to get this from another place?


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Re: Unofficial Republic Commando Patch Version 1.2
« Reply #7 on: August 20, 2010, 12:47:48 PM »
Here you can get repcom patch for admin by ccp theta and pfwskip ...