Author Topic: Hello, Updates on the Website and other misc thingys.  (Read 4102 times)


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Hello, Updates on the Website and other misc thingys.
« on: May 31, 2006, 11:30:55 AM »
Hello and Welcome to the new RC Mod site, and the New Unreal Modding forum.

The Website, I'm curretly at work on the Modder pages, and the Tutorial pages, also if you ahven't noticed there are a few missing pages still. I need your guys help thow, i dont have the time to click ever link and amke sur eit is still working, so can everybody if they find a link that dosen't work report it to me... PM of Email works =)

Download Section, Well sue to the fact that the attachment Mod Suck for managing file I'm scraping the idea of having the download section right off of the forums, instead I'm running another download Tool that can be found here:

It will allow everybody to upload without registering and unlimited catagorys and alot more control =D

Some other things:
If you want your maps in Bactaweek they will ahve to go threw me and one other guy, and if we pass them they are in, there will be another bactaweek map pack soon, so get your maps in so we cna go threw them. Email your maps to me at:

I need everybodys help on getting all the Mod maps on one site, that is my goal...and i dont think i can reach it unless i ahev your guys help, because so many people ahve used diffrent filefront accounts over the time I dont know half of them. I have all the files off of mine and Arramus File Front, but there are still many other that i dont have.

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