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[RC] Aerial Defense Platform
« on: November 08, 2011, 02:24:03 PM »
another map to join my long line of military bases, this map takes place on a gas giant similar to (and inspired by) Bespin. lore wise, it is an outpost meant to function as an early warning defense platform, outfitted with AA weaponry and fighters for interception. it is one of many that function to support a larger base elsewhere on the planet.
there are several fighter flybys in the map to help add to the environment and realism as well

as far as the actual map goes, it is large, but because all paths meet in the same place it is fairly easy to find people upon testing the map. also, it is probably my most luxurious design so far, since that is fitting for an air force  8)
32 man compatible as always
central area looking up
central area
one of the 4 main halls
view of hangar (hangar doors can be opened and closed from the inside)
landed cargo shuttle on one of the outer landing pads
and finally, an overview of the base itself

the website here is not allowing me to upload it (keeps saying it has a file size of 0, even though i tried and .7z versions of the file)
therefore, i have uploaded it to filefront instead until this can be fixed:

as always, feedback is welcome and requested
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