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RC Mod Server Infomation
« on: March 16, 2009, 10:05:38 PM »
Ok so I've been thinking of renting a server to run our RC Mod Maps on...I do want one, but I don't have the money to keep one up for a long period of time. The whole site is being reworked right now, but more on that some other time. For the server I was thinking of doing a map pack each month with twelve different maps, and packing them with the textures, map lists, and loading lists. The information page would be right on the main page.

So for our first poll concerning the RC mod server. Would you be willing to donate, and around how much. You can vote here. This is just to get a general idea on what we could rent, donations would be done via PayPal. Also for donating you would get access to a donating member group, with a green name, and their own forums. Donating members will be able to vote on what maps get put into the map pack. Donation amount would be unrelated to access time, just for donating once you will get access to the forums for three month. That's the quick version anyways, more on this later.

The next issue is how many slots should it have? I was thinking for the first month I would start it at 6 slots. Then depending on how many players we get, and donations we can upgrade after that. I decided to make a poll for this too, including the price for renting that size of a server. You can vote for server size here.

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