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Server Events!
« on: April 10, 2009, 01:28:40 PM »
Ok so after a little tiny bit of thought and planning I have decided to run two server events each week. Both of these events use the same Map Pack and that is the FunRun Map Pack

Download Now.[/center:7ihbeb0h]

So you can see Chumpflipping and Dodgeball. As well as Gladiator and FunRun. here's how its going to work.

Dodgeball Friday's - Friday at 6 to about 7:20 PST. We have eight maps, so ten minutes each. After this event the server will go back to its DM 1 Map Pack rotation.

Saturday FunRun - All day saturday. From midnight to midnight. We will be rotating FunRun, Gladiator, and SN Chumpflipping all day.

I'll be on for the Dodgeball event the whole time to help explain it, so even if you have never played come try it with us. For the Saturday FunRun i'll be on part of the day.The SN Chumpflipping is a bit different than normal chumpflipping maps, and completly new, I just finished it last night. But I'll leave you to explore it.

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