Author Topic: Xfire, and some changes.  (Read 1153 times)


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Xfire, and some changes.
« on: April 30, 2009, 11:47:42 PM »
Ok so I don't know if many of you know this or not, but we do have an Xfire group. you can find us here. I keep it updated with alerts for new map packs and polls. Just send in an application and I'll accept it.

Next topic is Videos, some of you already know. I made videos for the DM Map Pack 1 and plan to do the same with the CTF Map Pack. They will soon be on this website, I have some changes comming on April 1st as well.

The Map Pack has also been changed, I will be updating that post soon. I had to drop District 118 and Hunting Grounds as the server didn't like them. We now have Arena D14 (Cub) and Crater(RC-1266). This map pack is tested alot better than the last one, and I can almost promise you we won't have to update it like the last one. O and one last thing, tomarrow the old server will be going down, and in its place will be a new one, I don't know the time for sure that they will be switched yet, but it should be early. At 6pm PST we WILL[/u] be doing a dodgeball even for however long you guys want to play. I'll be on for it the whole time. So if you don't have it yet grab the FunRun Map Pack. On a simular note this saturday's event is canceled Unless you guys want me to do a shortened one. I want people to have time to play the CTF maps.

The last thing that I am going to mention is Team Fortress 2, starting on April 1st we will also have two TF2 servers up in an expanding attempt. So if you have TF2 then look use up, we will be under We will have several administration type mods installed, and stats on the website. So look for it soon.

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