Author Topic: Killing Floor Update #3  (Read 1963 times)


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Killing Floor Update #3
« on: June 07, 2009, 09:23:27 PM »
Tripwire/Steam have released another patch for Killing Floor fixing a bunch of issues and adding some new functionality. The game will update automatically through Steam - exit Steam and restart if you are unsure.

And the changelist:

* Added settings for the Voice Message system to reduce the amount of messages played.
* Added a Friends tab to the Multiplayer menu which allows players to quickly see which servers their Steam Friends are playing on.
* Improved usability of the server filter system by moving it directly into the Internet Server Browser area.
* Fixed a common crash involving Sprite Emitters, generally caused by using a Flame Thrower and/or multiple Grenades.
* Fixed players with Level 5 Perks not always getting their default weapon when they spawn.
* Fixed Clots not grabbing players that do not have the Berserker Perk selected.
* Fixed servers with a maximum of more than 6 players allowing Perks to progress.
* Limited the number of respawns to once per wave to stop exploiters from getting extra money and guns by suiciding.
* Fixed more exploits in KF-Manor, KF-BioticsLab, and KF-WestLondon

Note that servers will also need to be updated through HLDS.